Classic Soccer – 2012 Seattle Sounders vs. Houston 3-23-12

Match two of the Seattle Sounders 2012 season was a fairly mundane affair until about the 60th minute. The final third of the game saw a hotly contested battle in the midfield, ultimately won on the tenacity of the Sounders’ standout defensive mid, Ozzie Alonso. With the victory, Seattle has 6 points from two matches, both played at home. Houston falls to 0-3-0. Next week the Sounders will welcome Chris Wondolowski, Steven Lenhart, and the San Jose Earthquakes to CenturyLink.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Though I didn’t come around here much over the summer, those months were not devoid of Tabletop-Sports gaming. Quite the contrary, in fact. I have a full-time job*, I have two young daughters, a wife (woo-hoo!), and all the attendant demands on my time that come with all these responsibilities. Fortunately, I do manage to find time to either roll a game or work on this blog nearly every night. However, most of the time it’s one or the other – rarely both. * “What?!” you exclaim. No, it’s true. I don’t play these games or write about them for a … Continue reading

When the Ref Blows the Call

I played a game of Classic Soccer last night between two 2012 Major League Soccer powerhouses: Chivas USA and Toronto FC. It was a decent match between the two worst clubs in the league; fun to play, but the details of the match were certainly not extraordinary in any way. I bring it up though, because in the 52nd minute I made a mistake in my interpretation of the rules that led to a Chivas USA goal. With the final score of 3-1 Chivas, that one goal didn’t change the outcome of the match. There is no doubt that the … Continue reading