Classic Soccer E-Newsletter Vol. 1

Long time readers of oneforfive will know that one of my favorite soccer simulation games – and the Gold Standard for comprehensive realism and accuracy in a soccer sim – is Classic Soccer by Time Travel Games. The publisher does not have a website to promote Classic Soccer, and despite the fact that essentially no marketing is done for the game, CS has reached cult status among soccer sim fanatics. That zero-marketing approach may be a thing of the past however, as a new Classic Soccer e-newsletter (download here) and a default forum (Soccer Simulation at Delphi) are bringing the … Continue reading

England vs. Germany, 1915

From the Library of Congress, this poster was printed 51 years before anyone ever said “Two World Wars and One World Cup.” Speaking of the 1966 World Cup, I’d like to replay that tournament someday. My next World Cup project will be 1998, however, to be played with Mea Copa and Classic Soccer. In the meantime, I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy. EDIT: Thanks to @redditsoccer for this tweet tonight:!/redditsoccer/status/203704993948241921 If you can’t get on Reddit from where ever you are, here is a direct link to the picture.

Mea Copa – 1986 World Cup Group Stage

The best thing about quick play games is that you can complete big projects, like a World Cup Group Stage with 24 teams, in a very short period of time. The worst thing about quick play games is that you can complete big projects, like a World Cup Group Stage with 24 teams, in a very short period of time. This paradox was readily apparent to me when it took me only 3 nights to bang out the 36 group stage matches necessary to determine the Group of 16 in my Mea Copa dice soccer replay of the 1986 World … Continue reading

A Message from the President

In case you missed it (and I don’t blame you, I don’t always delve into comments either), the Owner and President of APBA, John Herson himself, responded to my first post about the APBA Soccer game. His comment: Good morning, Thank you for reviewing APBA’s soccer game. I am not the developer of the game. I asked the developers about the statement that the game is a knockoff of another soccer game. They told me they had never heard of that other game. Since these are honorable men, I take their word for it. The tag line the Classic Soccer … Continue reading

APBA Soccer – mini season numero uno

I’m glad I didn’t read the reviews when APBA Soccer was released last March, because they weren’t kind.  The game engine was criticized as a knockoff of Anthony Apostolico’s Classic Soccer, and worse, the debut card sets were full of errors and seemingly un-playtested. That’s water under the soccer bridge as far as I’m concerned, though.  I ordered the game with birthday money (thanks mom-in-law!), and I’ve had it now a little over a month.  In that time, APBA soccer has had about 90% of my tabletop gaming attention. You’d need a broad brush to paint this game as a … Continue reading