1958 Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns [Second Season Football]

Steve Tower of After Further Review and Al Wilson of Hands-On Games have each recently released videos (Steve’s video is here and Al’s video is here) on the subject Plaay.com’s Second Season Football. Watching these videos spurred me to pull the game down from the shelf for the first time in at least a year and a half. The following game was played with a homebrewed version of the 1958 season created by David Gray (available for FREE download at David’s website: BackToMinnesota.com) LOS ANGELES – Nearly 70,000 spectators were on hand at the LA Coliseum to watch Tommy Wilson … Continue reading

From the Wayback Machine: Sympathy for Pete

Head Coach Paul Dylan Throws Away Certain Victory by Calling a Pass When Everyone in the World Knows it’s a Terrible Idea ORIGINALLY POSTED February 13, 2013 – GAME PLAYED WITH DIGGIN’ DEEP FOOTBALL LOS ANGELES – For three quarters and well into the fourth, Jack Kemp and the Los Angeles Chargers were comfortable, in charge, and looked to be rolling to an easy 1-0 start to the 1960 AFL season. It all unraveled in the Fourth Quarter, however, when Jack Kemp threw three interceptions and the Dallas Texans overcame a 20 point deficit to defeat the consensus pre-season #1 … Continue reading

FIRST LOOK: OneForFive.com Print Edition – Issue Two

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John W. Heisman Invented a Football Game

While researching an article on the history of football board games for the upcoming issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition, I was clicking through the US Patent Database when I came across US Patent Application Filed June 1, 1904 for “Game Apparatus.” Coincidentally, the Patent was granted on September 19, 1905, or 109 years and 1 day ago. The Inventor of the game is listed as “John W. Heisman of Atlanta, Georgia.” In 1904, John William Heisman was head coach of Georgia Tech. Today, of course, Heisman is known mostly for the trophy that bears his name. The Downtown Athletic Club … Continue reading

Avalon Hill – Football Strategy in “The General”

While researching the history of football games for the upcoming issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition, I came across the following article in the January, 1966 edition of The General, Avalon Hill’s monthly publication. CLICK HERE to download the complete issue of The General (Jan, 1966) The General was devoted to Avalon Hill’s deep selection of wargames. However, it wasn’t until 1973 that Avalon Hill would first publish All-Star Replay, a magazine devoted entirely to AH’s burgeoning line of tabletop-sports games, so in 1966 the only place to find information, charts, PBM and/or FTF opponents was in The General. FOOTBALL STRATEGY … Continue reading