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Posted by Paul on August 8, 2014 | Short Link

July was a month of frenetic movement for me and my family, and my make-believe sporting universe was left mostly vacant and neglected. I’ve had next-to-no time to play any games. I was able to pull out my old copy of Title Bout the other night, and that was awesome. Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson […]

Eddie Vedder and Johnny Ramone Strat-O-Matic UPDATE
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Posted by Paul on June 20, 2014 | Short Link

When I first published the photo below online, there was some skepticism as to whether that was really Eddie Vedder and/or Johnny Ramone. There can no longer be any doubt: “…They put him (Vedder) in the room next to me (Ramone)with connecting doors. We’d sit there and play the Strat-O-Matic baseball game all day long…” […]

RIP Tony Gwynn
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Posted by Paul on June 16, 2014 | Short Link

On Being a Father
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Posted by Paul on June 15, 2014 | Short Link

This post originally ran on June 16, 2012, but it’s no less apt for me today. My daughter Ruby has a tiny bud of a pea plant growing in a dixie cup, and she’s been carrying it around all morning. She’s gentle with it, as gentle as a five-year-old can be, that is. She calls […]

FREE World Cup Tournament Brackets for Excel
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Posted by Paul on June 12, 2014 | Short Link

From The Ultimate World Cup Bracket CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. For a much simpler bracket, use this one from CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Who are you guys picking? I have Brazil over Argentina 4-3 in one of the all time great matches. I think the USA will surprise many by making it to […]

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