FIRST LOOK: Print Edition – Issue Two

If you’ve subscribed to the Print Edition, your PDF copy of the magazine will hit your email inbox on the morning of October 1st (that’s next Wednesday). Hard copies of the magazine will go out in the mail on October 1st, to start hitting mailboxes around the 3rd. BUY IT NOW!

COMING THIS SUMMER!! OneForFive Print Edition, Vol. 1

CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE BEST TABLETOP-SPORTS NEWSLETTER ON THE MARKET TODAY! In the grand tradition of great tabletop-sports journals of the past, such as The APBA Journal, Strat Fan, Strat-O-Matic Review, All-Star Replay and others, is releasing a Print Edition to supplement the tabletop-sports coverage on the site. Volume One, Issue One of the quarterly Print Edition goes on Pre-Sale today, June 2nd through June 12th at the introductory price of $7, with an annual subscription (4 issues) for $28. All copies of the Print Edition come with a PDF of the complete publication as well. PDF … Continue reading

Mea Copa Overfloweth (Redux)

I’m feeling grateful today, and blessed, and loved, but alone. For many – if not most – of us this is a solitary hobby that we pursue. It’s a testament to our human need for connection that blogs like this one and forums like those on Delphi and in other places are such wonderful gathering places to air our triumphs and tragedies, to reach out and to be welcomed and missed. In the spirit of gratitude, here is a list of things I am grateful for today: healthy and happy children an extended family all over the world that loves … Continue reading

England vs. Germany, 1915

From the Library of Congress, this poster was printed 51 years before anyone ever said “Two World Wars and One World Cup.” Speaking of the 1966 World Cup, I’d like to replay that tournament someday. My next World Cup project will be 1998, however, to be played with Mea Copa and Classic Soccer. In the meantime, I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy. EDIT: Thanks to @redditsoccer for this tweet tonight:!/redditsoccer/status/203704993948241921 If you can’t get on Reddit from where ever you are, here is a direct link to the picture.

Current Tabletop Sports Projects

These are the projects I’m currently working on, or planning to start within the next month: click on the list to see it at full size As I review this list, it occurs to me that I really want to try some other sports besides baseball and soccer.  I would love a great football game.  I might give APBA Football a shot. What other games am I missing out on?