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July was a month of frenetic movement for me and my family, and my make-believe sporting universe was left mostly vacant and neglected. I’ve had next-to-no time to play any games. I was able to pull out my old copy of Title Bout the other night, and that was awesome. Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson on the #tabletop tonight. Avalon Hill's Title Bout: — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) July 29, 2014 August is shaping up to be that way, too, as my grandmother, my sister, brother-in-law and their SEVEN kids are visiting and staying with us this week. The Dylan … Continue reading

FAQs: OneForFive Print Edition

I submitted my order ___ hours ago, and haven’t received a copy of the PDF yet.  Did you get my order?  When will I receive it? Yes, in all likelihood I have received your order but haven’t had a chance to process it yet. The one thing that will most certainly change between this issue and the next is that with issue number 2 I will setup the ordering process so that upon completion of your order, you will automatically receive the PDF. Unfortunately, the system isn’t setup that way yet. So far, I’ve been able to complete all orders within … Continue reading

Summer 2014 Print Edition Released

All PDF editions were sent in an email this morning. All print editions ordered through Friday, June 27 have been mailed, too. If you’ve ordered since then your magazine will be in the batch that goes to the post office today. If you purchased either the PDF or the print edition and you haven’t received an email from me with the PDF attached, please let me know (email: and I’ll send it out to you right away. I’ve worked hard to make sure that there aren’t any hiccups with this first release, but since this is all uncharted territory … Continue reading

Jackie Robinson’s First (Integrated) Pro Game

[from] April 18, 1946 The term “clutch” is often ascribed to professional athletes who raise the level of their performance at the most crucial, pressure-packed moments in order to positively sway the outcome of a competition, series or season. But rarely, if ever, has a player in any sport come through with a clutch performance in the face of greater scrutiny, adversity and pure hatred than did Jackie Robinson, when he made his Minor League debut with the International League’s Montreal Royals at Jersey City’s Roosevelt Stadium. Nor is it likely that there have been many sporting events that … Continue reading