OneForFive Top 5 Greatest Hits

In the 4+ years of this blog’s existence, there have been somewhere around 450 published posts. The 5 listed below have had more hits than any others:  Damocles of the Dodgers – probably my favorite post of all time, too. The reason it ranks so high is that NBC Sports linked to it on their site. It’s a word-for-word transcription of a story Vin Scully told on air during a Dodgers broadcast on April 15, 2013. I heard it while watching the game and immediately knew it had to be transcribed for posterity, and thousands of others seem to have … Continue reading

From the Wayback Machine: The (Nearly) Complete Collection of Avalon Hill’s All Star Replay

AVAILABLE ONLINE Originally Posted May 26, 2014 Thanks to this website, tabletop-sports fans now have the opportunity to read 19 issues of Avalon Hill’s All-Star Replay magazine. Click Here to go to the Google Docs folder (no sign-in required) to view and download pdf versions of every All-Star Replay magazine published from Volume One, Number One in fall, 1977 through Volume Five, Number One in summer, 1983. All-Star Replay was Avalon Hill’s in-house magazine that covered all AH sports titles, which included the Statis-Pro Baseball, Basketball, and Football games, Title Bout, Baseball and Football Strategy, Speed Circuit, the horse racing … Continue reading

Rob Bernier Demos NPNG+ Board Reader

NPNG+ Cards

Many of you may know Rob Bernier from his website,, where “RONBO’s Ultimate Replay Guides” (reference guides for gamers undertaking as-played baseball replays) are sold in the name of “Doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!” Ron is knowledgeable and passionate about the tabletop-sports hobby and is an asset to the community. The video below is Ron’s demonstration of the newest additions to the free National Pastime Next Generation + Board Reader. The NPNG+ Board Reader is a free baseball simulation game in the form of a Microsoft Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet. It allows you to play NPNG+ … Continue reading

1987-88 NBA Finals Replay with Strat-O-Matic Basketball

With the 2015 NBA Finals in full swing and the Golden State Warriors looking like they might have solved LeBron James and the Cavs, I’ve had basketball on the brain this week. I don’t play basketball games very often, and the only one I play with any regularity is Strat-O-Matic Basketball (though this may change as I received a mint 1978 copy of Avalon Hill’s Statis Pro just yesterday – from my wife’s generous boss, who was cleaning out his gaming closet! – but I digress). And, itching for some top-flight NBA action on the tabletop, I pulled out the … Continue reading

Update: OneForFive Print Edition – Issue #4

Over the past 48 hours I’ve had to send a variation of this email to dozens of people. If you have questions about the magazine and/or anything else related to the site please CLICK HERE to send me an email at Hi there, Thank you for the email. I’ve decided not to take subscriptions for the Print Edition for the next year. With that in mind, I cancelled the auto-renewals that were setup in Paypal. The Spring issue is still on the way and I still plan to make and sell more issues, but due to the experience … Continue reading