Best Homebrew Card Set 2014 – “The Patriot League” by Joe Cronin

I was planning on saving this announcement for the upcoming issue of Print Edition, but today is December 7th and I’m feeling patriotic. On this, the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, where over 2000 Americans lost their lives while serving in the defense of our nation, please take a minute to appreciate the great work Joe Cronin did to honor some of the fallen servicemen of that Greatest Generation. Among the fanbase of nearly every baseball game, there are some that seem to enjoy the process of creating unofficial card sets just as much as actually … Continue reading

Thank you, Thierry!

With the announcement that he’ll be leaving New York Red Bulls (and speculation that he’ll be returning to Arsenal in some capacity), Thierry Henry leaves MLS as one of the greatest players to ever grace the league. I have a severe bias toward Henry, since I’ve been an Arsenal supporter as long as I’ve been following football, but to my eyes there has never been another player as graceful, creative, smart, and beautiful as Henry. It’s been a joy to watch him all these years. Once or twice a generation there is a player that you think to yourself, “someday … Continue reading

The Player’s Club – Fall 2014

Pictured below is page 8 of Print Edition Volume I, Issue 2 (Fall 2014). It was my great pleasure to highlight these three individuals and bring some attention to their terrific work. Here are some links to their projects: Steve Heller’s Hockey Blast 1979-80 Replay Frank Albidone’s “Hall of Fame Leagues” Greg Barath’s Oguard62 APBA Football Blog I’m excited to bring you three new Player’s Club members in the Winter 2014-15 issue of Print Edition, to be hitting mailboxes on or around January 1, 2015. If you have completed an impressive project recently or if you want to … Continue reading

Emerald City S.C. vs. Haabe Lions Match Report – 11/4/2014

EMERALD CITY 2 – 4 HAABE LIONS venue: Starfire Sports Complex November 5, 2014 TUKWILA, WA – 4,519 Emerald City supporters were on hand to watch ECSC lose to Haabe Lions by a score of 2 goals to 4 in Starfire Sports Complex’s first regulation SBPL match. The Lions were certainly the better squad on the day, but most of the match was fairly even. The second half, in fact, belonged to Emerald City. Unfortunately for the home crowd, it was one six-minute block of time at the end of the first half where Haabe Lions overwhelmed the Emerald City … Continue reading

Emerald City SC 2014-15

MANAGER: PAUL DYLAN VENUE: STARFIRE SPORTS ARENA (cap. 4500) The SOCCER BLAST PREMIER LEAGUE is a first-year draft league using the Soccer Blast game engine from The league doesn’t have a website yet, but that should be forthcoming. In the meantime, you can follow us at “The Home Of British Sports Gaming” on Delphi. Here are a few important rules to note: This is a keeper league, meaning that rosters hold over from year-to-year. In order to keep a player, he must appear in at least half the number of the matches he’s eligible for. Players are eligible for … Continue reading