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July was a month of frenetic movement for me and my family, and my make-believe sporting universe was left mostly vacant and neglected. I’ve had next-to-no time to play any games. I was able to pull out my old copy of Title Bout the other night, and that was awesome. Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson on the #tabletop tonight. Avalon Hill's Title Bout: — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) July 29, 2014 August is shaping up to be that way, too, as my grandmother, my sister, brother-in-law and their SEVEN kids are visiting and staying with us this week. The Dylan … Continue reading

The Search for the World Football Association’s Best Player

There are 86 cards rated with the “Star” quality in the World Football Association Set A, but one card stands clearly above the rest. The Universal Soccer Confederation might be the most ambitious upstart American professional sports league since the USFL. There is big money and big egos at stake as the new 20 team, 3 division pyramid of soccer is built from scratch. When AS Fleur-de-Lis, the USC’s New Orleans franchise, won the random lottery that granted the first overall pick in the league’s inaugural draft, their Manager, French great Zizzou Azure, was meticulous in his preparation to ensure … Continue reading

Soccer Blast: Attack Process Flow Chart

I have three games in my collection: History Maker Baseball, Second Season, and Soccer Blast. Generally, I’d say that game designer Keith Avallone’s instruction booklets might rank behind only Strat-O-Matic Baseball and/or APBA Baseball in terms of clarity of instructions, and functionality and design of the booklets themselves. Soccer Blast is no exception, however, the attack process (which makes up a large portion of your actual gaming time) can be a bit confounding. To help put it all in order for myself, I drew up this handy-dandy flow chart. I hope it’s useful to you, too. Originally I planned … Continue reading

COMING THIS SUMMER!! OneForFive Print Edition, Vol. 1

CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE BEST TABLETOP-SPORTS NEWSLETTER ON THE MARKET TODAY! In the grand tradition of great tabletop-sports journals of the past, such as The APBA Journal, Strat Fan, Strat-O-Matic Review, All-Star Replay and others, is releasing a Print Edition to supplement the tabletop-sports coverage on the site. Volume One, Issue One of the quarterly Print Edition goes on Pre-Sale today, June 2nd through June 12th at the introductory price of $7, with an annual subscription (4 issues) for $28. All copies of the Print Edition come with a PDF of the complete publication as well. PDF … Continue reading