1958 Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns [Second Season Football]

Steve Tower of After Further Review and Al Wilson of Hands-On Games have each recently released videos (Steve’s video is here and Al’s video is here) on the subject Plaay.com’s Second Season Football. Watching these videos spurred me to pull the game down from the shelf for the first time in at least a year and a half. The following game was played with a homebrewed version of the 1958 season created by David Gray (available for FREE download at David’s website: BackToMinnesota.com) LOS ANGELES – Nearly 70,000 spectators were on hand at the LA Coliseum to watch Tommy Wilson … Continue reading

SUPER BOWL BET: OneForFive.com vs. After Further Review w/Steve Tower

Since Steve Tower started publishing his weekly tabletop-sports show After Further Review with Steve Tower, I’ve enjoyed, supported and tried to help promote just about everything he’s done. I think the show has been a wonderful and much-needed addition to our hobby community. In 2013, in fact, AFR w/ST earned the newly created “Best New Tabletop-Sports Video Blog” award. Those who have purchased the Winter 2014-15 issue of OneForFive.com Print Edition may have noticed that AFR’s spin-off game review show, “Under the Hood” also earned an award in 2014. But if I have one great criticism of Steve’s show, it’s … Continue reading