1982 California Angels Update Through August 19

This California Angels replay is a part of a larger project, replaying seasons from various eras of Reggie Jackson‘s career. I call this collection of replays “The Reggie! Project.” 1977 New York Yankees 1982 California Angels 1973 Oakland A’s 1969 New York Mets Obviously, Reggie Jackson never played for the New York Mets, but the 1969 replay will be a “What If” project, asking the question: What if the Mets had drafted Reggie Jackson intead of Steve Chilcott in 1966? The 1977 Yankees replay began in early 2013 and was completed on Christmas Day, 2013. Reggie’s stats from that season: … Continue reading

UPDATE: Winter 2014-15 Print Edition

I expected to have Issue #3 (Winter 2014-15) of OneForFive.com Print Edition available for subscribers by January 1st. Obviously that deadline has come and gone. I’d love to say I have a great excuse, but I really don’t. It was just your standard stuff that put me behind schedule: holidays, kids, life in general. On the bright side, this is shaping up to be the best issue yet! If everything works out right, subscribers should have the pdf version in their email inbox no later than Monday morning, and print versions will be hitting mailboxes later next week. Issue #3 … Continue reading

Preorders for Advanced Title Bout Start Now

CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of PT Games’ announcement of details for the pre-release sale of Advanced Title Bout. From the description at the PT Games store: Included in the game is a heavy chipboard gameboard, a first for PT Games, a full-color ruleset, deck of strategy cards on high-gloss heavy cardstock, Boxing Action Card deck on high-gloss heavy cardstock, 16 fighter cards to get you started printed on high-gloss heavy cardstock, scoresheets, and another first for PT Games a full-color chipboard gamebox to hold all of the fun! Also announced: the first supplementary card set to be released … Continue reading

FIRST LOOK: OneForFive.com Print Edition – Issue Two

If you’ve subscribed to the Print Edition, your PDF copy of the magazine will hit your email inbox on the morning of October 1st (that’s next Wednesday). Hard copies of the magazine will go out in the mail on October 1st, to start hitting mailboxes around the 3rd. BUY IT NOW!