On This Day: April 18, 1940 – Kid McCoy is Found Dead

Fantastic Career of Kid McCoy Over   DETROIT, April 18 – (AP) – In the quiet of a hotel room a peaceful death came today to Norman Selby, the glamorous Kid McCoy of the boxing ring whose amazing life story would have been labeled fantastic fiction if its chapters had been woven into a novel. McCoy, who did more and saw more in his 66 years than the average man dares to dream about, died from either an overdose of sleeping medicine or poison, according to Dr. Lyle C. Ling, deputy coroner. Hobo and millionaire sportsman; dishwasher and social lion; … Continue reading

Preorders for Advanced Title Bout Start Now

CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of PT Games’ announcement of details for the pre-release sale of Advanced Title Bout. From the description at the PT Games store: Included in the game is a heavy chipboard gameboard, a first for PT Games, a full-color ruleset, deck of strategy cards on high-gloss heavy cardstock, Boxing Action Card deck on high-gloss heavy cardstock, 16 fighter cards to get you started printed on high-gloss heavy cardstock, scoresheets, and another first for PT Games a full-color chipboard gamebox to hold all of the fun! Also announced: the first supplementary card set to be released … Continue reading

FIRST LOOK: OneForFive.com Print Edition – Issue Two

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PT Games to Release Updated Version of Avalon Hill’s Title Bout

You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen! I’m proud and excited to have this exclusive scoop for OneForFive.com. According to Tim Plum, President and Founder, PT Games has acquired exclusive license to produce and distribute the boxing classic, Title Bout. The new game will be called Advanced Title Bout. According to Plum, this new PT Games release of Title Bout promises to “bring back the greatness of the original” and to add a “few new wrinkles.” Created by legendary game designers Jim and Tom Trunzo, the brothers are involved in the redesign and rerelease of the game, though to … Continue reading