OneForFive Top 5 Greatest Hits

In the 4+ years of this blog’s existence, there have been somewhere around 450 published posts. The 5 listed below have had more hits than any others:  Damocles of the Dodgers – probably my favorite post of all time, too. The reason it ranks so high is that NBC Sports linked to it on their site. It’s a word-for-word transcription of a story Vin Scully told on air during a Dodgers broadcast on April 15, 2013. I heard it while watching the game and immediately knew it had to be transcribed for posterity, and thousands of others seem to have … Continue reading

I Dreamt of Landon Donovan

Abandoned Hangar

Or: What We Talk About When We Talk About Fear I dreamt last night that I was at some kind of convention in a large hall, like an airplane hangar. The hangar was split down the center by a temporary wall with just one door adjoining the two halves. On one side of the wall were alcoholics who wanted to quit drinking. On the other side of the wall were alcoholics who didn’t want to quit drinking. What I wish I remember about this dream, but don’t, is on which side of the wall I stood. What I do remember … Continue reading

Football Manager Ruined My Life

It’s no secret that I have a tendency toward addiction. In Alcoholics Anonymous (referred to by members of AA as “The Big Book”), this inability to control one’s drinking is described – not in a strict medical sense, but more metaphorically – as an “allergy” to alcohol. It’s a shorthand way to describe the fact that alcohol affects the alcoholic brain in an abnormal way. Back in December, 2011, I wrote the following: I’m an addict. It’s in my nature to become obsessed and to compulsively engage in behavior that stimulates whatever combination of chemicals it is in my brain … Continue reading

From the Wayback Machine: Resolutions

On the Advice of My Therapist… Posted by Paul Dylan on December 25, 2012 Today I start being the man I’ve been waiting to become. One thing that man does is write at least 30 minutes every day.  I can’t promise that every day those 30 minutes will be spent writing for this site, but over the first 9 months or so of this year, was a great place for me to expend excess mental energy in a productive, engaging and fun way.  I’m bringing that back today. The man I’ve been waiting to become: exercises daily sits up … Continue reading


Let’s say that, like Billy Pilgrim, you are one day abducted by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore and placed in a Tralfamadorian zoo habitat. The Tralfamadorians, who exist in four dimensions and thus have the ability to see the entire history of the universe from inception to destruction, know that there is no such thing as random chance. When they meet you, a human with a keen interest in tabletop-sports games, they develop a deep curiosity about humans. Our fascination with dice, probability, and the notion of reliving and changing history through the elements of our tabletop-sports games is completely … Continue reading