Thank you, Thierry!

With the announcement that he’ll be leaving New York Red Bulls (and speculation that he’ll be returning to Arsenal in some capacity), Thierry Henry leaves MLS as one of the greatest players to ever grace the league. I have a severe bias toward Henry, since I’ve been an Arsenal supporter as long as I’ve been following football, but to my eyes there has never been another player as graceful, creative, smart, and beautiful as Henry. It’s been a joy to watch him all these years. Once or twice a generation there is a player that you think to yourself, “someday … Continue reading

Jack Wilshire and Arsenal’s Beautiful Goal

“A better team goal honestly doesn’t come to mind yet. It’s certainly one of the top three I’ve seen,” said legendary Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. I love our tabletop games, but once in a while you’ll see something live that is an example of human skill, patience, and inventiveness that reaches the sublime pinnacle of sport. The Beautiful Game, it is.