Happy Strat-o-Matic Pre-Order Day!

It’s kind of like Pitchers & Catchers, but for Strat-nerds (like me!). I’m looking forward to the new upgrades in Strat-o-Matic Baseball 2012 (also known as v.17).  I’m also looking forward to the new e-delivery of the product.  I have purchased one season roster via e-delivery, and it was a smooth and easy transaction.  I hope the unlocking of these pre-order codes goes just as well when they’re all opened up on February 13. PS:  That shirt is butt-ugly, isn’t it? Have fun, Strat-Fans!    

Strat-o-Matic’s Rosetta Stone

What a week it’s been for us Do-It-Yourself-types in the Strat-o-Matic world!  First, Len Durrant releases a Japanese League Hall of Famers/Heroes set for both computer and cards, now Bruce Bundy re-opens his blog – that has been dormant for years – giving those of us that like to create our own cards open-source access to the man who has essentially cracked the code of Strat’s card makers.  On his site (which he calls “Rock n Roll Baseball”) Bruce is now giving us access to download his spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet.  It’s the closest thing anyone outside of a certain building in Glen Head, NY has ever had to the actual Strat … Continue reading

FREE Strat-o-Matic Japanese Hall of Famers/Heroes Set

Over the years, Len Durrant has become something of a legend in the Strat-o-Matic gaming community.  His contributions, particularly to the computer version of the game have been expansive in scope and meticulous in detail and he’s generously shared with the community some of his greatest work. He’s doing it again over at the Strat-o-Shack, as he has released a Japanese Hall of Famers/Heroes set (link is broken, send me an email for working link) for the computer version AND, more importantly to me, as a carded version available to download and print yourself.  This is manna from heaven for … Continue reading