What’s New on the Blogroll

In recent months I’ve been adding links to the ol’ sidebar, but haven’t had the opportunity to mention most of them. Here are a few of the newest additions to the Roll, Blog(roll): Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog: Though there are a few prominent female tabletop-sports gamers in the blogosphere (Diane Firstman of Value over Replacement Grit and Laurie Berry of somworld.com may be the two most widely known), as far as I know, Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog is the only tabletop-sports-specific blog wholly written and operated by a woman. Is seeing the hobby from a “Goddess” (as she calls herself) … Continue reading

1969 Mets What If C&D Replay: The Reggie Project!

THE REGGIE! PROJECT: 1969 Prologue: The Reggie! Project is my multi-season project, wherein I’m playing full season (single-team) replays from different stages of Reggie Jackson’s career. I’ve completed Reggie’s 1977 Yankees season and his 1982 California Angels season. In the coming months I’ll be posting results of Reggie’s 1969 season. Though the ’77 and ’82 seasons were recreated using mostly as-played lineups for all teams, the 1969 season will be different. In this season, Reggie will be the starting right fielder for the 1969 New York “Miracle” Mets.   PART 1: THE DRAFT The New York Mets had a choice … Continue reading

Strat Baseball Daily Cards – First Look?

Why is it that the first actual pictures we’ve seen of Strat Daily are on an obscure website called “Sport Techie”? These sure look like what we’d imagine the Strat-O-Matic Daily cards to look like, though these are clearly from the “Baseball 365” edition. Hopefully these cards will have the same or similar aesthetic look in the Windows PC version of the game. See below: These cards are, apparently, the daily cards of Yoenis Cespedes as they evolved from September 15 – 17th of 2015. Here are his lines those days: Sept 14 vs. Miami he went 1-for-3 with a … Continue reading

Custom Scorebooks – Updated Availability

ORDER A NEW CUSTOM SCOREBOOK FOR YOUR PROJECT HERE (or use the form below) Here are a few comments from recent customers: I contacted Paul about making a replay guide for me as I look to do a career replay of Tom Seaver’s career. Paul was excellent in giving me suggestions to improve upon what I was looking for and was very quick in his responses. I ordered 4 books based on the size of the replay and the first one arrived today. I am very exited on how it turned out and I would give a tremendous recommendation to … Continue reading

Managing to Win: The Strat-O-Matic Baseball Documentary Trailer

Published on Jan 26, 2016 MANAGING TO WIN is an hour-long documentary film that tells the story of Hal Richman and his life’s journey in creating and sustaining the Strat-O-Matic Game Company, a fixture in the sports world for over 50 years. The documentary focuses both on Hal’s upbringing as well as the history of the Company, giving viewers an inside look at both the Company’s and Hal’s struggles, how Strat-O-Matic turned the corner to become a huge success, and what goes on behind the scenes to create the games each year. Trailer produced by Netta-Lee Lax Music by Ronald … Continue reading