FREE Strat-o-Matic Japanese Hall of Famers/Heroes Set

Over the years, Len Durrant has become something of a legend in the Strat-o-Matic gaming community.  His contributions, particularly to the computer version of the game have been expansive in scope and meticulous in detail and he’s generously shared with the community some of his greatest work. He’s doing it again over at the Strat-o-Shack, as he has released a Japanese Hall of Famers/Heroes set (link is broken, send me an email for working link) for the computer version AND, more importantly to me, as a carded version available to download and print yourself.  This is manna from heaven for … Continue reading

My Strat-O-Matic C & D Collection: the complete sets

To be appended at a later date with a list of all the individual teams in my collection, as well. YEAR      SET                                         # TEAMS              NOTES                                                    CONDITION                      2011       Baseball Express               n/a                         42 cards                                                               mint 2010       MLB                                       30                           no add’l players                                                mint 2010       Hall of Fame 2010             n/a                         238 cards                                                            playing 2004       MLB                                       30                           including add’l players                                    good 2002       MLB                                       30                           including add’l players                                    good 1999       MLB                                       30                           including add’l players                                    fair condition 1997       MLB                                       30                           including add’l players (& expansion)          mint … Continue reading

1985 NL Cy Young Race – Nolan Ryan One-Hitter!

This is the first post of my replay of the 1985 National League Cy Young Award Race.  I’m replaying (using as played lineups) the starts of Fernando Valenzuela, John Tudor, and Dwight Gooden.  I’m playing Strat-o-Matic Cards & Dice and then entering the results into the computer game (I have version 10) afterward.  I’ve never used the computer game to keep stats in this way before, so this is new to me.  Also, I’m autoplaying every NL game that doesn’t have one of these 3 pitching.  I hope to see a couple of good races.  I plan on playing the … Continue reading

APBA Soccer for Kids & Strat-o-Matic Baseball Express

I recently was able to ask John Herson a few questions about the future of APBA Soccer over on the APBA – Between the Lines forum.  I was lucky enough to get this response: Soccer game: I’m glad you like the game. We do follow the comments of the community. We are testing several of the suggestions right now. We will be offer older seasons in 2012. We also plan to offer All Time Great Teams. We will be offering the MILS season after their playoffs conclude. We have plans for an internet version of the game. Right now we … Continue reading

Does God Play Strat-o-Matic?

It’s the eleventh month of the year, and in our little recovery group, that means we spend the month talking about the eleventh step of our program which is: Seek through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for our knowledge of His will and the power to carry that out.   Today our daily reflections brought up the concept of “letting go and letting God.”  I often think of J. Henry Waugh’s Universal Baseball Association when I consider the impact of God on my everyday life.  If you aren’t familiar with the book I’m … Continue reading