Strat-O-Matic Baseball Daily: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

In case you missed it, on Sunday January 17th (via an article in the New York Times) Strat-O-Matic Games unveiled a new product called “Baseball Daily.” Not a standalone product, Baseball Daily is an add-on to Strat’s bread-and-butter offering, the Windows-based Strat-O-Matic Baseball 2016 for PC. Here’s the product description, cut-and-pasted from Strat CEO/founder Hal Richman’s letter to fans on Monday, Jan 18th: Dear Strat-O-Matic Gamers, It is with great excitement that I announce the launch of Baseball Daily, a game that will revolutionize the Strat-O-Matic playing experience. For the first time in the Company’s history, Strat-O-Matic will have digital … Continue reading

Free to Download: Tony LaRussa Ballparks

This shot of Griffith Stadium was taken from Tony La Russa Baseball, and can now be downloaded at the link provided in the post below.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER where you can download any and all of the 75+ Tony La Russa Baseball ballparks in .bmp format. The PC vs. C&D debate for baseball simulation games is one that may never end. Card & Dice diehards will point to the tactile experience of holding the cards in their hands, as well as the myriad opportunities to personalize game play using house rules that PC games can’t, by their very nature, offer. The greatest benefit of PC games, of course, is that they let the gamer get straight to the matchups while … Continue reading

My Favorites (so far)

These are some my favorite posts (so far): The Greatest Tabletop Baseball Game Ever The Search for the World Football Association’s Best Player The Execution of Jim Hugh Moss, Negro League Ballplayer and Followup to Jim Hugh Moss Story California, 1982 – Get the Hammer Out Strat-O-Holic Official Scorecard On Being a Father APBA Soccer FACs and 8a. Soccer Blast Attack Process Flow Chart Before Every Moment, There is a Moment George Brett and Mario Mendoza Lou “Buster” Gehrig and Rediscovering Lou Gehrig’s Lost Nickname and Last Buster Gehrig Post, I Promise The tributes: Stormin’ Norman Marsh (1952-2014) Rob … Continue reading

OneForFive Top 5 Greatest Hits

In the 4+ years of this blog’s existence, there have been somewhere around 450 published posts. The 5 listed below have had more hits than any others:  Damocles of the Dodgers – probably my favorite post of all time, too. The reason it ranks so high is that NBC Sports linked to it on their site. It’s a word-for-word transcription of a story Vin Scully told on air during a Dodgers broadcast on April 15, 2013. I heard it while watching the game and immediately knew it had to be transcribed for posterity, and thousands of others seem to have … Continue reading

Turkey Mike Donlin

From’s Biography Project (Donlin’s entry written by Michael Betzold): A flamboyant playboy and partygoer who dressed impeccably and always had a quip and a handshake for everyone he met, Mike Donlin was “one of the most picturesque, most written-about, most likeable athletes that ever cut his mark on the big circuit.” “Turkey” Mike Donlin was born in Peoria, IL in 1878. According to Betzold’s bio: “When he was eight his parents, railroad conductor John Donlin and his wife, Maggie, were killed in a bridge collapse. Forced to hustle for a living, young Mike worked as a machinist and was … Continue reading