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So basically some dude inputs the skills of everything, of every player, the results of everything, everything that happened ever, translates that into probability tables, and then – for fun – people pay money and they…test his math?” Rich Sommer, Cardboard! One thing this hobby needs is more coverage in the mainstream board gaming audio/visual media on the web. In this episode of “Cardboard!” we get to hear about sports board games from the perspective of a board gamer who doesn’t know a lot about sports. Though his “expert” (actor and podcaster Nate Corddry) on the tabletop-sports genre gets a … Continue reading

FREE: 1944 “A League of Their Own” Card Set for HMB

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF OF THE 1944 SEASON OF THE ALL-AMERICAN GIRLS’ PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL LEAGUE (made famous in the 1992 film “A League of Their Own”) for’s History Maker Baseball. This is not a homebrew set – this is an official HMB set by creator Keith Avallone. It’s really exciting to see a game company offer a set like this for free. To my knowledge, there is no other game company that embraces these types of “alternative” sets to the extent that Avallone and does. You might counter that Strat-O-Matic and their all-volunteer “U-Team” – … Continue reading

On This Day in History: 1969

Happy Independence Day, America! On this day 46 years ago (July 4, 1969), centerfielder Bob Oliver of the Kansas City Royals came up to bat in the eighth inning with the bases loaded against Jim Bouton of the Seattle Pilots. It was a battle of expansion clubs, neither of which were faring well in their first season. On this day, however, Oliver and the Royals had the baseball Gods on their side. Oliver rolled a 3-6 and hit the split number (17) to club the first Grand Slam in KC Royals history. The Royals went on to beat the Pilots … Continue reading

Congratulations to Giants Rookie Chris Heston

…for throwing a no-hitter in his thirteenth career start! I’ve rolled thousands of games on the tabletop, but still have never had a no-hitter. For those of you lucky enough to have experienced that ephemeral joy, who was the most unlikely pitcher to have thrown one for you? I’ve had Juan Marichal and Mike Mussina take no-hitters to the bottom of the ninth, and I’ve had lesser pitchers like Hal Smith of the 1934 Pirates and Jerome Williams of the 2005 Cubs take no-nos late into games, too. I have to admit, I really hope that when (if) it ever … Continue reading

Top 10 (Relatively) Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts for the Tabletop – Sports Gamer

3D Stadium Puzzle: Wrigley Field– from $14.99 I was browsing a ridiculously over-priced snack shop in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport when I came across this 12″ x 12″ model Wrigley Field. It was the perfect souvenir. It only took about an hour to assemble (it’s not really a “puzzle” – all pieces are numbered and it comes with detailed instructions), and with its level of attention to detail, and quality of construction, this model was worth every penny of the $25 I paid for it. I’m rolling all my baseball games in it now. APBA Baseball Coffee Mug – From … Continue reading