What’s New on the Blogroll

In recent months I’ve been adding links to the ol’ sidebar, but haven’t had the opportunity to mention most of them. Here are a few of the newest additions to the Roll, Blog(roll): Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog: Though there are a few prominent female tabletop-sports gamers in the blogosphere (Diane Firstman of Value over Replacement Grit and Laurie Berry of somworld.com may be the two most widely known), as far as I know, Fireblossom’s APBA Baseball Blog is the only tabletop-sports-specific blog wholly written and operated by a woman. Is seeing the hobby from a “Goddess” (as she calls herself) … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru 2-19-15

Dodgers fans in the LA area missed 3/4 of the team’s games last season due to some ridiculous Big Business posturing between owners and cable tv. On the Huffington Post yesterday, Strat-O-Fictionalizer Jeff Polman penned an appeal to the one man who really could end the standoff. Here is An Open, True Blue Letter to Vin Scully For the best example of draft league commissioner-ing you’ll find in this lifetime, look no further than the American Baseball League and Commissioner Scott Allen. The ABL publishes an annual yearbook that is second-to-none in the tabletop-sports world. If you enjoyed the old … Continue reading

Al Wilson’s “Hands On Games”

For those of us that play sports simulations on the tabletop, it often feels like we don’t fit in to any of the gamer molds. Our board game collections don’t necessarily have Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Railroad Tycoon, Ticket To Ride, or any of the more esoteric titles that Boardgame Geeks would call essentials for any collection. You won’t find sports simulations on Tabletop with Wil Weaton. Our shelves are more likely filled with APBA Baseball, Strat-O-Matic Football, Hockey Bones, and Statis Pro Basketball. Typical sports fans don’t understand what we do, either. We’ve all had the experience of trying … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Print Edition: “Mickey Mantle Would Have Cleaned Your Clock”

In the August 22, 1997 edition of the Philadelphia Daily News, there is a short filler-piece on the sports page titled “Computer proof that Ali was greatest.” Strangely, Muhammad Ali is not mentioned in the article. The article focuses on a 100-bout “what-if” simulation of Larry Holmes versus Rocky Marciano using APBA Pro Boxing for Windows. Jim Trunzo of Comp-U-Sport is quoted in the piece. Trunzo (along with his brother Tom) was the designer of the APBA Pro Boxing and the architect behind the now-legendary Title Bout game published by Avalon Hill in the 1970’s. The result of the simulation … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: All About Ayrton Senna

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the horrific crash that took Ayrton Senna’s life. Senna was a Brazilian Formula 1 driver, whom many consider to be the best the sport ever produced. In 161 career starts, he took 65 Pole Positions and won 41 races. With the recent release of the new racing game Classic Formula 1, I’m developing an interest in this sport. For me, Formula 1 and the history of the sport is largely uncharted territory. I know next to nothing about it. Exploring the history of F1 has been tremendously gratifying, and the stories of Senna’s greatness … Continue reading