Thursday Morning Click-Thru 10-24-13
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Posted by Paul on October 24, 2013 | Short Link

Haven’t done one of these in, oh… about 13 months! Here are a few items of note that I liked around the internet today. If you have any interest in 19th Century baseball and/or just love vintage baseball photos (and who doesn’t?!), read this terrific Slate piece and then click on through to the The […] Facebook Page
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Posted by Paul on April 25, 2013 | Short Link

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! The new Facebook page is meant to supplement this blog. I often come across items that I know you guys would love to know about, but for one reason or another I can’t post it here on the blog. The Facebook page will hopefully solve that, as well as give […]

Thursday Morning Click-Thru
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Posted by Paul on October 18, 2012 | Short Link

Just one link today, but it’s all you need: Jeremy Blachman of FanGraphs (NotGraphs) offers his choices for The Best Baseball Writing of 2012.

Thursday Morning Click-Thru 8/16/2012
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Posted by Paul on August 15, 2012 | Short Link

You may have noticed, but there is a new link on the Blogroll.  Love, Life, and APBA Baseball launched on January 1, 2012 and author Kenneth Heard has consistently impressed with this personal journal of his life and his replay of the abridged 1981 Major League Baseball season.  If you want to read just one […]

Some Sunday Night Items of Note
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Posted by Paul on July 22, 2012 | Short Link

APBA Baseball for Windows v5.75 is now available for Pre-Order at the you-can’t-go-wrong purchase price of $20.00 for the complete game including season rosters for 2011, 1961, and 1921.  The price point is perfect, the inclusion of the season rosters is a terrific move.  I’m a fan of everything APBA is doing these days. Speaking […]

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