Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 6/21/2012

[Evening Edition] Below are a few links that I’ve tweeted out over the past week that I think readers here would enjoy. This article highlighting one and done ballplayers was a great read: "The Roy Hobbs All-Star Team" — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) June 20, 2012 Countdown in History: 1975 Seattle Sounders — Andrew Urlacher (@AVUrlacher) June 18, 2012 How modern statistics are redefining soccer analysis: The tabletop gaming implications are tremendous. — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) June 19, 2012 This is goddamn right on: @classical "On Love and Giving a Shit" — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) June 20, … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru 3/22/12

Just one link today. From Grantland, “A Seemingly Impossible Fall” by Brian Phillips. Athletes fall down all the time. They get tackled. They lose their balance trying to make a move. They hit the ground diving for a loose ball. It’s a little strange, when you think about it. I mean, who just falls down? If you’re a stockbroker or a car salesman, chances are you don’t hit the turf during the course of a normal workday. But in most sports, learning how to fall is part of your job. It’s something you train for… Every once in a while, … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 3/1/12

Jerry Seinfeld once famously quipped that “players change teams, teams change cities…when it comes down to it, we’re all just rooting for laundry.” Nobody roots for laundry better than Uni Watch. When searching for images totally unrelated, I came across this photo of “The Strat-O-Matic Tribune.” It led me back to Uni-Watch and an interesting interview with Andy Hyman of If you’re looking for a Strat-O-Matic forum with great replays, little drama, and that offers a place to sell or trade items on the secondary market, you might want to give Stratomatic Baseball Village a shot. One feature that I really enjoy … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 2/23/2012

I’ve missed a couple of Thursday mornings in a row now.  Let’s try not to let that happen again.  On to the links! I played about four years of adult league baseball in Kailua, Hawaii, for a team called the Oahu Ravens.  In fact, I played with the very guy on the mound in this picture, Paul Kopp.  When I left the island two years ago, Kopp was still throwing a knuckler, still getting batters out.   I have great appreciation for the mystical powers of the knuckleball. If, like me, you find the knuckleball fascinating and lovely, this piece … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: Groundhog’s Day edition

Thank you to any and all who followed along with my 1986 World Cup Final replay last night on Twitter. I had more fun doing it than I expected to. Here was my wrap up tweet: Boy, that was fun. I honestly can't believe I didn't lose any followers by live-tweeting a pretend World Cup final. — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 And now for some Thursday morning links! Former St Louis Cardinals/Browns batboy Jack Houston shares his memories of his time mingling with some of the greats in this article.  He also played a little minor league … Continue reading