Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/26/2012

It’s a quick and dirty click-thru today, enjoy! Is there anyone out there who can tell me anything about Dombrov Baseball ? This is a FREE computer baseball game that I’m interested to try, but I’d like to hear a couple of testimonials before I install it. From The Sporting News, August 16, 1999 – Dave Kindred takes you on a trip into the basement at APBA’s old Lancaster facility in this article: Musial, Moon, Repulski. Holy Cow! PS: I have not yet joined – if I had, I would have complete access to The Sporting News archives going … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/19/2012

In last week’s Thursday Morning Click-Thru, I mentioned a book I’ve been reading called “The Golden Game – the Story of Baseball in California.”  The book has a great chapter on Ernest Thayer, who was working in California for William Randolph Hearst when he penned “Casey At the Bat“.I was looking up Thayer this morning when I came across a terrific piece from @dianagram over at ESPN’s affiliate site Value Over Replacement Grit.  The article attempts to find a real life game that played out exactly as Thayer describes Mudville’s final at bat.  Loved it. Bleacher Report – a sports … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/12/12

Larry Granillo (aka Wezen-Ball) at Baseball Prospectus had a great find earlier this week, when he found a 1940 quote from 22-year-old Ted Williams, stating that if Williams were a free agent and could go to any team, he’d pick the Brooklyn Dodgers. I’m a Dodgers fan, and have been since birth.That “what-might’ve-been” moment about The Kid led me on a quest for at-the-time articles about my greatest “what-might’ve-been” wish:  that the Dodgers had never left Roberto Clemente unprotected in the 1954 Rule 5 draft. “He was the No. 1 draft choice on at least four or five clubs,” said … Continue reading

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/5/12

This league will be No. 1 in 10 years, maybe 5,” said commissioner of the North American Soccer League, Phil Woosnam in 1977.  “In five years, the Soccer Bowl will be as big as the Super Bowl.” For a huge Major League Soccer fan like me, this article titled “American Soccer Ready to Strut” from the Palm Beach Post, August 30, 1977, was kind of interesting and kind of sad.  If there were a Hall of Fame of introspective Baseball-themed Blogs, Cardboard Gods would be among the inner-circle pantheon.  In this post inspired by Major League Baseball’s last left-handed catcher, … Continue reading

The Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 12/21/2011

Way back in February, when Larry Granillo (aka  @wezen_ball) of Baseball Prospectus definitively determined which game Ferris Bueller attended on his eponymous “day off”, it seems there have been a number of sleuthy attempts to determine the dates/games portrayed in certain pictures.  This post over on The Hardball Times is a collective group project, trying to determine at which game the photo that appears on Johnny Bench’s 1973 Topps card was taken. It must have been in an early 90’s edition of some sports magazine, but I swear I remember an interview with Steve Avery where he said that he had a terrible … Continue reading