Classic Soccer E-Newsletter Vol. 1

Long time readers of oneforfive will know that one of my favorite soccer simulation games – and the Gold Standard for comprehensive realism and accuracy in a soccer sim – is Classic Soccer by Time Travel Games.

The publisher does not have a website to promote Classic Soccer, and despite the fact that essentially no marketing is done for the game, CS has reached cult status among soccer sim fanatics. That zero-marketing approach may be a thing of the past however, as a new Classic Soccer e-newsletter (download here) and a default forum (Soccer Simulation at Delphi) are bringing the game to a wider audience.

For those with a copy of the game rules, Time Travel Games has offered a nice freebie in this newsletter: a chance to play out some of the “The Lost World Cup” of 1942. The ’42 and ’46 tournaments were cancelled due to the impact of World War II, but free with the newsletter are team rating sheets for the what-would-have-been 1942 England, Brazil, Uruguay, and Italy sides.
England 1942

Anthony Apostolico, creator and one-man publisher of the game, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the sport and the skills of its players. His write-up and results of a complete “What If – 1942 World Cup” is available for download here.

With his friend and fellow Classic Soccer aficionado, Frank “Albidone”, Anthony is currently playing and posting results of an All-Time World Cup tournament. It’s worth your attention if you have any interest in World Cup history at all.

This first volume of the newsletter gives a great account of the history of the game since its first inception in or around 1980. With over 30 years of development and fine tuning, the game is a classic.

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  1. Hi, Paul. Welcome back!

    I’m wondering if you could post a review (or at least a rough summary) of Classic Soccer. Maybe even the “5 things that make Classic Soccer better/worse than Net Results or APBA.”

  2. Hey Tim! I’ve been meaning to do a full review on the game for awhile. Here is the elevator pitch for the three games, though:

    I wouldn’t call Classic Soccer either better or worse than either Net Results or APBA, just different. It’s certainly more comprehensive and gives the gamer a feel that he’s in charge of every aspect of the game. It’s also the best head-to-head soccer sim ever. However, the instructions are difficult to parse and the learning curve can be daunting. Many gamers give up on Classic Soccer before really learning and enjoying the full experience of the game.

    Comparatively, Net Results has a great flow, is easy as pie to learn, and full season replay stats are probably most accurate of the bunch. It’s pretty easy to see who the best players are with Net Results, even if you have limited knowledge of the sport or the league you’re playing. It’s fun. The tradeoff is that the game is quite passive and manager decisions are limited.

    APBA has the allure of those sexy cards, with my FAC’s the game plays the fastest of the three, and is great fun for the solitaire gamer, too. It’s no secret though, that accuracy of the cards is questionable and the gameco’s releases have been unreliable to say the least. Also, there were some fundamental design choices – like with the team defense rating system, as a for instance – that make the game easier and quicker, but at the expense of realism and probably accuracy, too.

  3. Mike Featherstone

    So glad to see you’re commenting on soccer again. You provide a quality and trusted source for the board game community. I’m particularly pleased to read your comments comparing the three games above. I spent some time at the “Classic Soccer” forum, but didn’t see any mention of MLS teams. Over the past few years my soccer proclivities have moved more and more toward MLS. I’ve begun to concentrate more on Net Results, primarily because I like the level of defensive detail it provides.

    I’m wondering if Classic Soccer provides MLS seasons or teams? It appears they are more Euro-centric.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the kind comment. I appreciate it any time readers connect and especially when I hear that someone enjoys the blog. It makes my day!

    Classic Soccer released the 2012 MLS set back in February. I believe 2012 may be the only MLS set available for the game. As an avid follower of the league myself I was very excited by the news of the release. I’ve played a few games with it, and it’s terrific.

    Here is the post where Anthony first announced the 2012 MLS set was available for $22 + $4 shipping (or $20 for the pdf):

  5. Pingback: Paul

  6. Hey Paul- really enjoy your work! Thank you for contributing so much, particularly to the soccer board game community.

    Was wondering if you’ve ever played El Futbol En Casa?

    In terms of a tactics/strategy board game, it is terrific. Very chess-like.

    • Hi Ryan,

      As much as I try to stay on top of new releases in the tabletop-sports world, occasionally an interesting game will fly under my radar. This appears to be the case with El Futbol En Casa, as this is the first I’ve heard of it. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this game. It’s time for me to investigate!


      • Feel free to email me if you have any questions (

        It’s very much a tactics/strategy oriented game that is fun to play. I’m currently working on creating an APBA type of system to be used with the game that will incorporate individual player abilities.

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