Clint Dempsey and the Dubious Goal Committee

Did you know that “The Dubious Goals Committee” is a real official English Premiere League committee that determines the validity of, well, dubious goals?

Against Stoke City on Saturday February, 13, 2012, Fulham and USMNT star striker Clint Dempsey scored a magnificent goal from what I think would be the far end of Area D – maybe the edge of Area E – were he playing APBA Soccer. Take a look for yourself, it’s a thing of beauty:

It’s been officially ruled an “Own Goal,” but hopefully the “Dubious Goals Committee” is able to overturn that initial ruling. Dempsey deserves that goal.

I like that there is a “Dubious Goals Committee.” It’s existence has made me think a little about some of the Dubious Goals I’ve chased in my life, too. These are just a few from my early years:

AGE: 6
GOAL: to succeed Mark Hamill in the role of Luke Skywalker in future Star Wars installments

AGE: 8
GOAL: to play Major League baseball (for the Los Angeles Dodgers, preferably)

AGE: 10
GOAL: to build a high-powered laser beam out of household objects (flashlight, magnifying glass, colored water)

AGE: 17
GOAL: to play bass guitar in the greatest rock band ever (aka my high school three-piece: Septic Grill)

AGE: 20
GOAL: to win and break the heart of millions of beautiful young women

I am not prepared to go into the dubious goals I’ve chased in more recent years, the heart-break is too recent in most cases.  The concept of a Dubious Goals committee strikes me as solid, though, as a kind of accountability effort between myself and others.

Currently, my Dubious Goal:  25 posts a month on the blog, to double my readership by this time next year and to get to 1000 Twitter followers.

Committee Determination?

What are your Dubious Goals?

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