COMING THIS SUMMER!! OneForFive Print Edition, Vol. 1

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In the grand tradition of great tabletop-sports journals of the past, such as The APBA Journal, Strat Fan, Strat-O-Matic Review, All-Star Replay and others, is releasing a Print Edition to supplement the tabletop-sports coverage on the site.

Volume One, Issue One of the quarterly Print Edition goes on Pre-Sale today, June 2nd through June 12th at the introductory price of $7, with an annual subscription (4 issues) for $28. All copies of the Print Edition come with a PDF of the complete publication as well. PDF only copies will be on pre-sale for $5 ($20 for 4 issue subscription). On June 13, regular pricing will go into effect.

The hard copy of the newsletter will go out the last week of June to hit mailboxes on or around July 1st.

 The first issue of the Print Edition publication is timed to arrive right in the middle of the 2014 World Cup Soccer Tournament. This issue will include in-depth coverage of what’s currently the fastest growing genre of tabletop-sports games: Soccer Games


Additionally, there will be interviews with game designers and hobby aficionados, as well as coverage of baseball, football, and other sports games. You can also expect game reviews, original artwork, book reviews, and coverage of forgotten stories from sports history.

This issue will contain a free homerun-trot time chart with ratings for every 2013 Major League Baseball player, with exclusive data brought to you by The chart can be used to supplement any tabletop-baseball game including Strat-O-Matic, APBA, Replay, History Maker Baseball, and more. Add a little chrome to your game replay with one or two rolls to find out if your star flipped the bat and watched his tater fly, or if he put his head down and acted like he’s been there.

At this time, details on other freebies can’t be released yet, but there will be more!

Take advantage of introductory prices ($7/issue; $28/annual subscription) through June 12th. Regular price for a single issue will be $9 per issue, $32 for an annual subscription (4 issues).


*NOTE – All prices include shipping.

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  1. Paul,
    I ordered your upcoming OneForFive newsletter via PayPal and am really looking forward to it, but was a little surprised when the confirmation message from PayPal indicated that this was a continuing subscription and would be automatically renewed in 2015. While I hope I will enjoy this new journal, I don’t want to be committed to 2015 so soon. I realize I can cancel this option via PayPal, but wondered if you intended this to happen? Thanks.

    • Hey Pat,

      I didn’t set it up that way purposely, and you are the second person to point it out to me. I’ll see if I can change the setup today so that paypal doesn’t auto-renew subscriptions in the future. I appreciate the feedback, Pat.


  2. What about shipping to the United Kingdom?

    • Hi Steve,

      For this first issue, I’ll ship to the UK for no cost to you if you purchase the print version. This is a test run of international shipping, however, so I must reserve the right to change that policy for future issues. If you purchase the printed subscription and int’l shipping doesn’t work out, I’ll refund the difference in cost between the printed and pdf copies.


  3. Kind of realizing the end of June is near and I am getting excited about the first edition.

    Thanks for doing this.

  4. I’m excited, too! Also a little nervous (and tired).

  5. Paul, I had the same thing Pat Premo pointed out about annual subscription renewal and I was a bit concerned. I was hoping to see some kind of announcement, but one never surfaced. I see that you are taking care of the situation. I never did see a confirmation from you that my subscription order was received. I can only assume my Paypal receipt is good enough. I am looking for to my printed copy. Like others, this will give me something to look forward to in my mailbox….besides bills and advertisements!

  6. Fantastic concept, and sharp cover, too (a bit like New Yorker meets Time). Hope you get some ad revenue to support your fine work. Looks like a must-read!

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