Congratulations to Giants Rookie Chris Heston

…for throwing a no-hitter in his thirteenth career start!

no-hitterI’ve rolled thousands of games on the tabletop, but still have never had a no-hitter. For those of you lucky enough to have experienced that ephemeral joy, who was the most unlikely pitcher to have thrown one for you?

I’ve had Juan Marichal and Mike Mussina take no-hitters to the bottom of the ninth, and I’ve had lesser pitchers like Hal Smith of the 1934 Pirates and Jerome Williams of the 2005 Cubs take no-nos late into games, too. I have to admit, I really hope that when (if) it ever happens for me, that it’s someone special on the mound, as opposed to some pedestrian back-of-the-rotation guy.

That said, maybe one day I’ll be rolling a game on a Strat card something like twenty-seven-year-old rookie Chris Heston‘s. Maybe every roll of the dice will fall in between the big hit numbers. Maybe with two out in the bottom of the ninth I’ll roll a 1-4 on a player with a two-column card.

Or maybe it will be an APBA card, and my DX pitcher will roll nothing but thirty-twos, twelves, and sixty-fives. Maybe with a runner on 2nd and two out in the ninth, I’ll roll a 56-13 and celebrate into the night.

Congrats to Chris Heston for rolling twelves all night and for finishing it off with that 56-13. Somebody save that scorecard.

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  1. I played a double elimination tournament that finished last year, using all of the classic, standard SOM teams, along with the current teams I received in the game. Dixie Davis, of the 1922 St. Louis Browns, threw the only no-hitter for me, against the 2008 Cubs, 1 walk, 1 error, both in the bottom of the 9th. Davis was 11-6 in 1922 with a 4.08 ERA that year.

  2. Yes, congrats to the young man. Sure hope he does not follow Bo Belinsky! Had a few no hitters and perfect games over the years. Did a 1956 replay a few years ago and Don Larsen tossed a perfect game in the first three weeks of the season. Did not match his WS performance, however did win a game to help NYY to the title.

  3. Nick Willhite, Dodgers. SOM ’63 Dodgers vs. 63 Braves. against Warren Spahn no less.
    0 – 0 going into the bottom of the ninth, two walks, two base throwing error, Dodgers win 1 – 0.
    One of the fun things about computer SOM is the game summary and the occasional player quotes. Said Nick: “If I had know I was going to pitch a no-hitter, I would’ve gotten a hair-cut!”

  4. My one and only no-no C&D: Pedro Ramos of the ’64 Yankees vs the ’64 O’s, in my 1964 Strat AL replay from about 10 years ago.

    More recently: Phil Niekro of the ’85 Yankees in my 1985 Yankees / Cardinals Replay using Replay PC.

  5. Seeing as how this occurred in 1957, my first season with APBA, the 1956 KC No-Star pitcher Jack Crimian threw one against Washington. Grade advancement was his savior as he wasn’t challenged until the 9th when Ernie Oravetz K’d with his “9”.

  6. I had Tom Seaver throw a perfect game many years ago playing Strat-o-Matic.
    I’ve since moved on to Diamond Mind Baseball on the PC, and Roger Bailey of the Rockies (career record 18-19) tossed a no-hitter for me in a draft league.

  7. Playing my former favorite game, Pursue the Pennant (my current game of choice is Sher-co Baseball Simulation, but PTP/Dynasty is still a great game), I had my ’86 Astros vs. the Phillies. Mike Scott was on the mound for the ‘Stros. He had a perfect game going until the 27th batter. With two outs in the ninth, the batter hit a slow grounder to first. Glenn Davis flipped the ball to the covering Scott, but Scott DROPPED THE BALL! E1! Scott struck out the next batter to get the no-hitter. Only no-hitter I’ve ever had on the tabletop. Or on computer, for that matter.

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