Cult of the No-Hitter

What is it about a no-hitter? What makes rolling a no-hitter such a special occasion that we run to the forums and boards and immediately have to post about them?

Why do we feel such vicarious joy when someone we know rolls one with a pitcher from the past?

I played my first game in 1997, and in the literally thousands of Strat-o-Matic baseball games I’ve rolled since then, I’ve never rolled a no-hitter. Some people I know have rolled half a dozen, some have longer streaks of no no-nos than I. The thing is, we all no how many we’ve rolled. We can all remember the last one, or the almost one that broke your heart.

On Friday night, me and 22,027 of my closest friends got to experience something maybe even more special than rolling a no-hitter: we got to see a real one, live, as six Seattle Mariners pitchers combined to no-hit my beloved Dodgers.

This is me and my mother-in-law on our way to the game (I’m the guy in the Manny Ramirez jersey):

This is me and my lovely wife during the game:

This is a tweet I sent in the 7th inning:

And this is the video I shot from our seats, the final out of the game (please excuse the shaky video at the beginning – I was uncontrollably excited):

I don’t know when or if I’ll ever roll a no-hitter in a tabletop game, but if I am so lucky, I hope the game is as thrilling as the one I got to see on Friday, and I hope I’m keeping score.

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