CUSTOM Baseball Project Scorebooks – Now For Sale!

BY POPULAR DEMAND! Customized baseball project scorebooks are now available for sale from!

For season replayers, the Customized Baseball Project Scorebook may be the best tool to come along since was founded in 1989. It’s the perfect solution to a problem you might not have even known you had. Once you use the Project Scorebook, you’ll never go back to your old way again!


  • Customized Cover with your team name/season/colors
  • Spiral binding – you’ll never lose a score card or have loose pages all over your desk again!
  • Complete real-life statistics for your team, for quick reference
  • Real-life game results, for quick reference and comparison
  • A short essay customized to your season and/or team (no longer offered)
  • Complete as-played schedule for your team, including starting pitchers
  • A depth-chart diagram for each position, for handy reference throughout the season
  • An additional 72 abbreviated score cards to keep track of other games throughout the league
  • Blank stat reports included after every 10 games for gamers who like to keep stats manually throughout the season
  • (for a small extra fee) Complete As-Played Lineups pre-printed on scorecards
  • *The price for a typical season scorebook (scoresheets for approx. 180 games) will be $34 without as-played lineups, $39 with as-played lineups. However, since these are custom products, I have to reserve the right to adjust pricing for any individual order based on complexity or other aspect of the request. If you have any questions about your particular project, please use the contact form below to reach out. I will respond as soon as possible.

    The process will work like this:

    1. Use the “Buy Now” button at the top of this page to order your scorebook.
    2. Within 24-48 hours: I’ll email you to confirm your order and to talk about your project.
    3. Within 3 weeks: I’ll send you a PDF file for your review. If the PDF file meets our agreed specifications, you’ll respond with a big thumbs up and that PDF will become the official print file. If any changes need to be made, I’ll make the changes within 5 business days and send a new PDF draft to you. This process will repeat until we have a PDF file that is ready for the printer.
      IMPORTANT: You are the final editor. You are responsible for catching any mistakes in the file at this point. If we send it to the printer with the Oakland Athletics listed as the Oakland Mariners or if the file is missing three days in the middle of June or something, there are no refunds, and no do-overs. Review the PDF carefully.
    4. The file goes to the printer. The printing process generally takes 3-5 days.
    5. The finished scorebook is mailed to you directly. You should receive it within 5-10 days after printing. I’ll send a confirmation with tracking number to you as soon as it has gone in the mail.

    The whole process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks.

    Here is a Custom Scorebook I did for one gamer’s Tom Seaver Career replay:
    Actual Cover Seaver vol 1

    I contacted Paul about making a replay guide for me as I look to do a career replay of Tom Seaver’s career. Paul was excellent in giving me suggestions to improve upon what I was looking for and was very quick in his responses. I ordered 4 books based on the size of the replay and the first one arrived today. I am very exited on how it turned out and I would give a tremendous recommendation to anyone who is thinking about ordering a book. This will go a long way to increasing my enjoyment for this project.”

    -Garvey06 at Delphi Forums

    Due to the investment of time that I personally have to make to get a custom scorebook created, there can be no refunds on custom scorebooks, so it’s important that we talk upfront about exactly what your expectations are and how we can best meet them.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the product – or if you want to run your idea by me before purchasing one – I invite you to please use the contact form below to send me an email. I will respond asap.

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    3. I received the custom 1961 Detroit Tiger scorebook and I think that it is terrific — a beautiful cover and quality throughout make it a real gem. I got mine with the lineups already listed, and it is terrific. Paul also made a couple of minor modifications at my request, and it was handled perfectly.

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