Custom Scorebooks Are a Hit!

CLICK HERE for more information on how to order a Custom Scorebook for your next replay.

Here are a few comments from recent customers:

I contacted Paul about making a replay guide for me as I look to do a career replay of Tom Seaver’s career. Paul was excellent in giving me suggestions to improve upon what I was looking for and was very quick in his responses. I ordered 4 books based on the size of the replay and the first one arrived today. I am very exited on how it turned out and I would give a tremendous recommendation to anyone who is thinking about ordering a book. This will go a long way to increasing my enjoyment for this project.” – Bob C., Naples, FL

This is stunningly good. Better than I even hoped.” – Bart E., Fairway, KS

BEAUTIFUL! If I can get my hands on an older Replay set I’ll be placing another order before the year is out!” – Jim W., Farmington, MI

Recently completed scorebooks include:

2013 Pirates

1976 Tigers

1974 Royals

Seaver - vol 2

Seaver - early years


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  1. These look nice, may have to reach out to you once I start my next replay.

  2. I ordered the one for the Pirates 2013 replay after ordering a “generic” one first. I’ll now do my replay with the custom one and use the other one for another project and/or random games. All I can say is, WOW! Fantastic product, great value for your money and Paul is as accommodating and communicative as can be. He’s very open to customizing the book to your liking, sent me proofs beforehand for me to give the thumbs up, etc. If you’re into baseball sims (and most likely you are if you are reading this), don’t give it a second thought. AAA+ from me!

    • Thank you for the comment, Manuel. I’m really glad that you’re happy with the 2013 Pirates customized scorebook. I enjoyed creating it and look forward to doing another one for you down the road sometime! Keep us updated on how those Pirates do in your replay, too!


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