DiMaggio’s Droopy Drawers

From The Sporting News -  March 12, 1942

From The Sporting News – March 12, 1942

Transcript [from The Sporting News – March 12, 1942]:

‘Droopy Drawers’ Players

A desire for an explanation of those “droopy drawers” – pants down to the ankles – affected by some modern players, is expressed by Variety, breezy and authoritative theatrical weekly.

“Joe DiMaggio and Carl Hubbell are the silliest looking pair we’ve seen,” comments Variety. “‘Way back in the days when the speed boys were stealing from 40 to 50 bases a season, you’ll remember they used to roll their pants just below the knee. Now they’ve got ’em almost to their shoes. The theory here is that the constriction inherent in this new style can slow up a player a full stride getting to first.

“It would be nice to get an authoritative opinion in the matter because it bother the hell out of us every time we see a picture of DiMaggio or Hubbell. You can say, of course, that if all the players could play ball like those two, they could run out there without any pant at all as far as you’re concerned. But you also know they’d have a tough time getting to the plate, leave alone first that way.”

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