Download: Strat-O-Matic Advanced Pitcher’s Hitting Cards

These cards were designed by Lenny, of the bblog at

I first mentioned these cards (and his blog) back in this post. Since then, I’ve had probably a dozen or so emails and random requests for copies of the cards. On Strat Fan Forum the other day, there was a thread full of guys requesting the cards.

With Lenny’s permission, from now on the cards will be available here as a free download.  To get all of the cards, you’ll need to download all three of the jpg files below.

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  1. Looks great. Nice work. If I click on hitters 7/8 it returns hitters 4/5/6 instead. Any chance you can fix that? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the head’s up! It should be fixed now.

  3. Thanks so much! I have much older cards and the original pitcher’s hitting cards are lost. These look excellent and I will thoroughly enjoy them!

  4. did anyone ever figure out how to get these to print the same saze as regular cards? I tried today and they print much smaller than regular cards. I played with resizing but could never get anything that worked.

    • Hi Shannon – I’m so sorry I missed this comment back when you left it. If you click on each of the images on this page, it should open the image in a new window. On that window you’ll find larger-sized images. If you click on the larger-sized image, it should open the full-sized image which is 1500X2569 pixels. At that resolution you shouldn’t have any trouble resizing down to the size that works with your official Strat cards.

  5. very nice idea and useful .. but .. no X-chart readings on the pitcher cards?!

    • These are the pitcher’s hitting cards which don’t have x chances on them. X chances are only on a pitcher’s pitching card.

  6. Re: Pitcher hitting cards.

    Just received the new cards and now see we have pitcher hitting cards.
    Is there a card for every pitcher or just some ? Is it just national league or should there be some for american league as pitchers did bat in interleague games ?

  7. Hey Lawrence,

    I don’t have the 2013 set yet, but if it’s the same as last year then not all pitchers (in either league) have individual hitting cards. It seems that Strat decided to card just those that had significant statistics that wouldn’t be simulated by the generic #1-8 cards.

  8. These are great! Have you ever considered making a similar card for a position player brought in to pitch?

  9. Nice to see a fellow ABL Manager helping out the tabletop community. Lenny who produced these cards just won our league championship this year.

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