Exclusive: 1933-34 Pittsburgh Crawfords Negro League Strat-O-Matic Cards by Scott Simkus

In the tabletop-sports hobby, Scott Simkus is known as the genius researcher behind the critically acclaimed 2010 release of Strat-O-Matic’s Negro League 108 card set.  Simkus compiled an unprecedented collection of Negro Leagues boxscores, game accounts, and period literature on the leagues and its stars, and used that information to help create the Strat-O-Matic Negro League set, as well as write the guidebook that came along with the set (the guidebook is available for download from Strat-O-Matic here).

a sample scouting report from the Strat-O-Matic Negro Leagues Guidebook, by Scott Simkus

Though the guidebook is tremendously useful for anyone getting to know the old Negro League and its stars, Scott’s prose and ability as a storyteller wasn’t fully allowed to shine in that forum.  In June of 2010, he and the folks at Seamheads.com launched “The Outsider Baseball Bulletin” to showcase the stories of ballplayers, teams, leagues, stadiums, and all the ephemera associated with baseball that has been played “outside” of the mainstream professional leagues.

Scott’s storytelling, his subjects, his perspective, his voice, are all unique.  In that first issue of The Outsider Baseball Bulletin, the very first line of the very first article under his byline, Simkus wrote:

Turns out, Babe Ruth’s pecker was about average size.

Click here to download a FREE copy of the Outsider Baseball Bulletin. This issue focuses on Jimmy Clinton, a white ballplayer who pitched in Semi-Pro ball in New Jersey from 1916-1926, who was likely to have been every bit as good or better than many of the celebrated Negro League and Major League stars of the era.

Also included in that issue: two free Strat-O-Matic cards of Jimmy Clinton. One based on his performance in exhibition games against Major League clubs, one based on his performance in games against Negro League clubs.

“The Jimmy Clinton Story” is exactly the kind of story and extras that I hope oneforfive.com can give its readers. If this blog can give enjoyment on par to half of what The Outsider Baseball Bulletin provides, I’d be thrilled.

Now, however, subscribers to The Outsider Baseball Bulletin are going to get even more. This is an exclusive scoop, I’m proud to say. I received the following in an email from Scott today:

Hey Paul,

I forgot to mention…starting in mid January I kick off a Strat-inspired promotion. One card each week, for 22 weeks, until the entire 1933-34 Pittsburgh Crawfords team is ready for Strat team play. Two year spread gives me a big enough sample to rebuild the team, constructed from own collection of box scores. Much more accurate than what is posted at baseball-reference.com. Feel free to mention that, if you wish.

Since Strat has never offered a complete Negro League team, this is a groundbreaking release. Strat-O-Matic hobbyists have not had a resource offering Strat-sanctioned cards since the old Strat Fan magazine died, that Scott is releasing these cards is a great development for Strat baseball players.

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  1. Paul,
    Did you ever get a set of the Pittsburgh Crawfords. I’d like to print them out and include them in some all time great teams I’m creating for cards.

  2. Hello- I am looking for a bunch of individual players from 1953 to 2007. Any way you can help?

  3. Yeah, where are these Negro League cards?

  4. Hi, I would also like to get a full set of the Crawfords’ cards. Is there still a_way to do so? Thanks!

  5. The Crawfords look fun! How do we get these?

  6. Paul–

    Could I get a set of the Crawfords? I love baseball history (and of course SOM) and the Crawfords would be a great addition.


  7. Where do we find these Crawfords Strat cards? I am more interested in teams than all star teams

  8. Paul,
    Would you happen to be able to make an advanced card for Johnny Dickshot of the 1945 Chicago White Sox (his final year when he hit .302)?

    • Hi Paolo,

      I don’t make Strat cards (any that I’ve ever made available here have come from other sources), so I wouldn’t know how to make that Dickshot card for you. Hopefully someone else sees your request though, and is able to oblige.


  9. Greetings Paul,

    If still available I would like the 1933-34 Pittsburgh Crawford’s cards…huge baseball historian!

    Thanks, Pat

  10. Paul,

    Enjoy the magazine and the blog. Had seen the Pittsburgh Crawfords topic listed before but hadn’t read the posts. It appears the cards themselves are only available via email. Could you send one this direction?

    Thanks for all the great content you’ve made available over the last few years!

  11. I would love these Crawford cards if still available. Thank you for your hard work.

  12. Good morning. Paul, have enjoyed reading about your work and the Pittsburgh Crawfords. Is there a link/email you can provide where I can order a set of the cards? Many thanks –

  13. Interesting articles. I would be very interested in a copy of the Crawfords if still available. Thanks.

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  15. Would love a copy of the pittsburgh crawfords….how can i get them thanks

  16. Hi Paul,
    If still available I would like the 1933-34 Pittsburgh Crawford’s cards…I’m a huge baseball historian and Stratomatic Fanactic
    Portland, Maine


  17. Hi Paul,
    Would love to get a set of the Pittsburgh Crawfords if they are still available, I really wish Strat-o-Matic would have made team sets of the Negro leagues rather than just a collection of random players….that’s why I would love to get the team set. Thanks,

  18. What are the chances you are still sending these out to people? I would love to get a set. Thank you(hopefully)!!

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