Existential Compulsion

– Quote by “mikepayne” of the StratFanForum

My compulsion is this: every game I play has to be part of a larger project. I can’t just pick two teams and play a game.

Recently, I received a bumper crop of APBA baseball cards and I’m dying to play with them, but I have so many projects in the works that I’m can’t bring myself to start a new one.

Why don’t I just play a few games here and there, and enjoy the matchups?

The idea of playing a game and having it lost to irrelevancy makes me anxious. Physically anxious. Jittery and almost panicky.

I was going through my new APBA Negro League Greatest Teams set last night and thinking about how much fun it will be to play with them. I pulled out the APBA boards and read them. But I just couldn’t bring myself to play a game. If there is no project, nothing at stake, where will this game end up? Absolutely nowhere, and I couldn’t bear that thought.

What does this say about me in the larger sense? What am I afraid of?

Claude Osteen and the 1965 Dodgers beat Jim Maloney and the 1965 Reds in the one Strat-O-Matic game I played tonight, by the score of 6-3. John Roseboro had a homerun, Maury Wills was hit by a pitch and will be out for a couple of games. Frank Robinson missed out on a 3-run homer when it died in Dodger Stadium’s cavernous outfield (ballpark homer is 1/1 on an average night in May, Robby rolled a 3).

This game was part of my 54 game 1965 National League mini-season. This game existed, and, by an extension of logic, so did I.

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  1. for better or worst, I am the same way. The only exception is learning a game I might play a few games. As soon as I few I have the game down…got to start a project so the games have some “meaning” to me. All about theater of the mind.

  2. Hey Bobby – speaking of which, we should get started working on putting together our EPL Draft League for APBA Soccer, shouldn’t we?


    • does not look to be enough interest. Craig on Delphi sent out a note in June trying to see if any interest was out there and did not get any response. Worried that the soccer game has faded in the soccer gamers eye and maybe at APBA as well. Real shame. Played around with Net Results and Classic but both seem to take a while for me to complete a game but like them both. Even tried World Class Soccer which is that SOM knock off from the mid-80’s. If you want to, we can try sending each other a game plan(line-ups, subs, etc.) for the away team. Maybe some FCD vs Sounders action? Can send you a sheet I developed early on (a home and home series for FCD and RSL using APBA 2010 cards.

      • I’m willing to bet that if we get it off the ground and actually put something together that people will come around. I’ve had two or three emails about it in the past month or two. I’ll bet we can find a half dozen of us at least and that might be enough to start.

        If we build it, they will come.

        In the meantime, please do send me the away instructions and we’ll set up an FCD v SSFC series. That sounds great!

  3. Paul,

    I agree with you that for me there needs to be a purpose. Whether it’s my Pro3 APBA league, the APBA baseball 92 Pirates Season Replay, APBA Football 2001 Pittsburgh Steelers Replay, or the Mini Tournaments with APBA Soccer, there needs to be a purpose. Even as I was learing the soccer game, I played 1 game then matched up the other 2 teams and had the winners of each game play as well. To me I think it comes down to one thing, I don’t have all the time in the world that I want. Between work, quality time with my wife, working out, a return to school, and life I get very little time to play table top games. I don’t want to squander that time on an exhibition. I feel like I’m compromising my projects if I become unfaithful by pulling out the 99 season baseball set or the 1971 season. So, the scoresheets must be completed, the stats have to be calculated, and the standings updated. I never play the Powerall unless it crosses 200 mil and each day I buy that ticket I always say to myself, if I win this I’m doing 3 things: Buying a boat, Quitting my job, and finally completing an APBA replay.

    As for soccer, I dropped an e-mail to Tom over at The APBA Blog to see if the next time he was able to land an interview with John Herson if he could ask the status of the soccer game. I do fear the game has fallen to the wayside, though with football cards, hockey cards, and the new computer game due out this month, I’m sure it’s a busy time in the APBA community. That being said, if anyone wants to even start a small draft league… 4-8 teams, I’d certainly entertain the thought of playing a few games.


    • Hey Joe – I do want to start a draft league, and I’ll make sure to let you know when we get the ball rolling.

      As for the status of the soccer game, it would be nice to have some clarification about when sets will be coming out and which ones we can expect. John Herson has repeatedly stated that the company is committed to the game, so I feel confident that it is going to be around. With baseball we always know we’ll get the cards in spring, with football, in August, but with soccer there is no schedule and I think that makes some of us anxious, myself included.

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