Fast Action Cards for APBA Soccer

I’ve been working on a new Special Action Chart for APBA Soccer to give those SP rolls a little more Chrome (as we in the hobby say), and it occurred to me today that it would be fun to actually have a deck of cards to pull these results from.

Well, from there it occurred to me that this deck could be used for any of the charts that are not dependent on the Player Result Numbers. After about an hour of fiddling, here is a first draft of what some APBA Soccer Fast Action Cards (FACs) could look like.

I’m just wondering: would anyone out there beside me find these useful? Should I bother spending the time to make a whole deck of these?

click on the cards to see them at full size

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  1. I wouldn’t for others to give you the go-ahead. Just do it! 🙂

    I am looking forward to picking up APBA soccer, but based on what I have read on forums I think I may be waiting on any kind of “version 2” they might put out. Might be waiting to revisit until after the next World Cup…

  2. I have always been a fan of FAC’s so I like the idea. Your card would take the place of 7 charts in the game which would be very useful in saving table space. Looks like you are thinking about using them for dice rolls as well.

  3. These cards are interesting.

    I found the game disappointing, considering APBA’s usual quality.
    They leave out defensive ratings altogether, and to have game without a driving motivational factor – the events are simply randomized by location.

    So I have been trying to come up with something for the offense, whereby the “coach” can choose to dribble, short pass, feed, lead, or send in a “good ball” – all of course depending on the part of the field.
    The defense too should have responses they can choose.
    Your idea of cards could also work with such a scheme.

    This lack of motivation in the original game renders it somewhat uninspiring.
    And it has been difficult finding anyone who has been trying to work against his inertia.
    Perhaps certain cards should only be available from certain parts of the field.
    Your cards could also come into play out of certain results from the APBA boards.

    Another silly mistake by APBA was making the shot rating 11 to 66, requiring a ridiculous conversion chart, easily dispensed with by converting their ratings to 1 to 36.

    thanks for the interesting ideas. Look forward to more of this.

  4. Definitely, cutting down on rolls and charts makes the beautiful game flow. Give us some insights about how to use the cards and your development. Love the card commentary! I can hear Toby Charles commenting “Play ON!” 🙂

    I can’t wait for my new EPL set, to try them out.

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