Final Comparison – Simulated Match vs. Real Life 2012 UEFA Champions League Final

Here is a little table comparing the stats from my UEFA Champions League final preplay with the stats of the real-life game:

The most notable coincidence (and the most notable difference, too) had to be the fact that in my APBA game and in real life Franck Ribery was fouled in the box and awarded a Penalty Kick in extra time.

In my pre-play, I gave the PK to Mario Gomez who converted the shot for what turned out to be the game winner. In real life, Arjen Robben lined up for the PK and was famously denied by Chelsea’s ‘keeper, Petr Cech.

If Mario Gomez had taken that Penalty Kick in Allianz Arena Saturday night would Bayern Munich be the Champions of the Champions League in 2012? We’ll never know.

But, thanks to APBA soccer, in one world he did… and they are.

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  1. Hi, Paul.

    What did you use for defense and team ratings and clutch points? My son and I tried a replay yesterday. Drogba got pulled down in the box twice for PKs (Lampard converting).

    All the best,

  2. Hey Tim,

    Here is what I wrote on this post about ratings:

    “I rated Chelsea a 3 (team) and 2 (defense) and gave them 4 clutch points. I rated Bayern a 5 (team), due mainly to the fact that they are playing in their home stadium, but also gave them only a 2 for defense, since their back line is without Alaba and Badstuber and their defensive mid, Gustavo, is out as well. With such a distinct home field advantage, I gave Munich 6 clutch points.”

    However, I had emailed APBA with the question about ratings back on May 16th (a few days before the real-life match). I got the following response on May 21st (after the match):

    Chelsea team rating 2 team defense 2 and clutch points 4 as a visitor. Bayen Munich team rating 5, team defense 4 and clutch rating 13 as home team. Regards John

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