Free APBA Soccer cards download: 2012 Champions League Finalists Chelsea and Bayern Munich

The 2011-12 UEFA Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea should prove to be a good one.

APBA Games seems to think so, too, and has given fans of APBA Soccer a terrific surprise today by releasing “Pre-play” versions of both teams available as a free pdf download.

APBA doesn’t yet have team rating/defense rating/clutch points for either team posted, but hopefully the community of APBA Soccer players can come up with something that works. Bayern should have a fairly distinct homefield advantage in this one, I would think.

Here is a link to the APBA Games post and the pdf available for free download:

2011-12 UEFA Championship Pre-Play Cards

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  1. Check out Ribery’s 9 number 49’s on his card….he must have gotten hacked on almost ever time he touched the ball…………..

  2. That was the first thing I noticed, Bob! If I were managing Bayern in APBA, I would be tempted to use my Clutch Points to pass to Ribery in Area A right away. He’s got 8 single digit numbers which will likely be shots and 9 49’s which would be penalty kicks. That adds up to a pretty good chance for an early score.

    • yep…gave this at try late in the game with Beyern down 2-1, he passed out to area C and lost the 4 clutch points. Worth a try when they were down a goal for sure. Scared to use it early in case a red card/ 2nd yellow comes up.

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  4. Do you happen to still have the download for the 2012 UEFA Champions League Pre-play? It does not seem to be on the site anymore.


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