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The Beautiful Game, by Owzat Games, now available as a PDF download.  [photo yoinked from]

The Beautiful Game, by Owzat Games, now available as a PDF download. [photo yoinked from – click for full size]

There is no question that The Beautiful Game, published by Owzat Games, is one of the most popular soccer simulations on the market. TBG is a simple quick-play game with minimal chrome, but it plays smoothly, accurately, and has enough drama that many gamers swear by it as their soccer simulation of choice.

For a long time, in fact, for those of us in the New World, the biggest complaint about the game has not been about the game itself at all. The Owzat Game company is physically located in the United Kingdom, and shipping expense to the United States and/or Canada has been cost-prohibitive for many. Thankfully, on Owzat’s website today, this announcement was posted:

Most games and extension sets are now available by PDF. Those ordered through Owzat but supplied and despatched [sic] by Lambourne Games are NOT available as PDFs. PDF orders get a 20% discount on the cost of the set and postage will be refunded. If you are not sure if the item is available by PDF please email

Please use coupon code PDF1.


An email to the game company requesting a list of products available as well as a clarification of which are those “items supplied by Lambourne Games” has not yet been returned.

The Beautiful Game formula for creating season sets is no secret in the community, so many “home brewed” season sets are available for free download already. Both and have large databases of season sets available. I’ve been using the 2012 MLS set for some of the games in my replay.

Notably, this development could benefit some of the games that don’t have a big following here in the colonies, like International Cricket, for example. I, for one, have been curious about this game for awhile now, but the prohibitive expense of shipping it across the Atlantic has kept me from making that investment sight unseen.

To discuss Owzat Games, their products and the products of other publishers from across the pond, head on over to “The Home of British Sports Replay Gaming” on Delphi Forums.

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