From the Sports Illustrated Vault: Strat-o-Matic Fanatic

Hat tip to Stratfanforum member “Hughligans” for pointing out the article titled “Strat-o-Matic Fanatic” from the October 5, 1992 issue of Sports Illustrated.  I especially liked this quote:


Let me point out here that outsiders should never, ever compare us Strat-O-Matic play-by-mailers with fantasy-league drones, the quiche eaters of baseball gaming fans. They read box scores: we manage baseball teams. And I, for one, would rather have Herve Villachaize recite census data into my car than listen to some lawyer pontificate about why Gary Varsho was a real bargain at $15.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said, “well, it’s not exactly like fantasy baseball…” I’m sure I would have enough nickels to pick up a bargain like Gary Varsho.

Another great quote from the article, this one from ESPN anchor and fellow Strat-o-Matic fanatic, Dan Patrick.

As a kid Patrick had to deal with maternal reproach for his endless hours of dice rolling. ” ‘But Mom, it’s only Strat-O,’ I’d say. It’s not like I’d come home and have Strat-O on my breath,” he says.

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