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On the Advice of My Therapist…

Posted by Paul Dylan on December 25, 2012

Today I start being the man I’ve been waiting to become.

One thing that man does is write at least 30 minutes every day.  I can’t promise that every day those 30 minutes will be spent writing for this site, but over the first 9 months or so of this year, was a great place for me to expend excess mental energy in a productive, engaging and fun way.  I’m bringing that back today.

The man I’ve been waiting to become:

  • exercises daily
  • sits up straight when he’s at the computer
  • doesn’t fear being alone
  • goes on adventures with his children
  • uses the telephone to call his friends often
  • writes daily
  • is focused and motivated at work
  • loves to laugh
  • reads books instead of mindlessly clicking around the web
  • is organized financially and with his time
  • is available for mutually enriching relationships
  • prays only for the knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry it out
  • prays without cease
  • carries his story with him and shares it freely, not seeking pity, not seeking affection, but as a means of empowering others who may need an example of experience, strength, and hope

This is the man I’ve been waiting to become, and the man I am today.

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