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Posted by Paul on June 19, 2012 | Short Link


iOOTP 2012 is the iPhone/iPad app version of the Out of the Park 13 game by Out of the Park Developments. It is a baseball simulation app that offers the gamer the chance to act as Manager/General Manager of a franchise. I tested the iPhone version.

iOOTP 2012 offers 3 game modes – Major League (with 2012 Opening Day rosters), Fictional, and Historical Replay. According to the iTunes store, the three historic seasons to choose from are 1924, 1969, 2004. My version came with 1995 instead of 2004, however. Other seasons are available as in-game purchases.

The app offers a very similar experience as the full Out of the Park 13. You are able to manage a team through a full season and beyond. As General Manager you will negotiate contracts, make trades, draft players, manage your roster, including minor league assignments and the disabled list, and you’ll set lineups and rotations. As Manager, you can manage each individual game on the schedule on a micro-level – all the way down to pitch-by-pitch if you want.

The User Interface is intuitive and it won’t take long at all before you have the hang of the myriad screens available with different stats and ratings. The UI also does a good job of making the buttons and text easy to push and slide as necessary, even with the small amount of real estate that’s available on a phone screen.

Lots and lots of people, apparently. iOOTP 2012 has received glowing reviews galore, and it’s easy to see why. The game offers the best text-based simulation available on a mobile platform. Strat-O-Matic, APBA BBW, Dynasty Mind and other computer baseball sim fans alike will all enjoy this game. If you’ve ever enjoyed “Franchise Mode” on an arcade-style game like MLB: The Show, or the 2K series, you’ll probably enjoy this game, too. If you consider yourself a budding Theo Epstein or still think Paul DePodesta never got a fair shake in LA, you’ll probably spend way too many hours saying to yourself, “Ok, I’ll just play one more day, then I’ll put this away.”

Considering that it’s a mobile app, not much. The mobile version doesn’t offer Commissioner mode, but that’s a fair compromise. Extra Historical Seasons are cheap (.99, currently) and can even be bought by the bundle for as little as 10 seasons for $4.99. Some have complained about the trade AI, but I have found it to be extraordinary. It’s a computer and you’re a human being (presumably), so eventually you’ll figure out how to get the best of it in most cases, but have you ever played a game where you couldn’t eventually figure out how to beat the computer AI on trades? This game is better than most in that regard.

In my playing, I haven’t experienced any bugs or crashes or anything holding up gameplay. I have an older iPhone 3Gs.

iOOTP 2012 is a terrific app that delivers the robust baseball General Manager simulation we’ve come to expect from the Out of the Park brand. It’s well worth the purchase price and will deliver many hours of entertainment.

If you like baseball simulations and want to play one on your phone, iOOTP 2012 is the best. You’ll love it.

RATING: 4.50 (of 5)

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