Game Reviewer Receives Poor Review

I’m talking about yours truly, of course. In many aspects, I’m proud of this blog. On the other hand, there are so many things – i.e., everything – that I think can be done better.

Just A Bit Outside, Rob Neyer’s website under the Fox Sports umbrella, was unceremoniously ditched by its parent company today. I’m sad to see it go. Together with the shut-down of Sports Illustrated’s Grantland, those of us who enjoy intelligent, nuanced, and oftentimes innovative baseball journalism have had a pretty bad offseason. A blow has been dealt to the cause of intelligent baseball writing.

This got me thinking about and how I can make it better for readers. The one thing I know for certain is that I need to post more consistently and more frequently. Also, while I enjoy writing stuff like the Mike Donlin article below, the majority of folks come here to find information, analysis, and anecdotes about their favorite sports-simulation games. That’s where the majority of my topics should come from.

I’ve been most remiss in neglecting to provide game reviews. These tend to receive a lot of interested eyeballs and to be very helpful to the community. Making an effort to write more reviews will be a priority from now on.

But what else can I do? What else do you want to see from this website?

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