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RATING: 4.50 (of 5)
SYNOPSIS: This game only doesn’t rate higher because it doesn’t come with more cards. I found the APBA game to be an incredibly fun, smooth-playing, easy to learn basic baseball simulation. I’d recommend it especially to those who don’t want or need all the complicated managerial decisions an advanced simulation might provide.

APBA Games, Inc. Website


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RATING: 4.00 (of 5)
SYNOPSIS: Diggin Deep Football has quickly become my favorite football game. The game doesn’t get bogged down in the minutiae of coaching a football team, but does offer enough tactical choices to the gamer to keep him engaged. Some hardcore football fans may prefer more tactical options, however. True to the Diggin Deep concept, on any given play either the offense or the defense may elect to have one of their players “dig deep”. When “diggin deep” all play results will come off of that player’s card. It is an interesting and fun twist that works especially well in the football setting.

Diggin Deep Sports Website


iOOTP 2012
click for full review (posted 6-19-2012)

RATING: 4.50 (of 5)
SYNOPSIS: Like its big brother (see review for Out of the Park 13), this iPhone/iPad app provides a General Manager/Manager baseball simulation product unlike any on the market. As far as apps go, there isn’t another that offers the full gameplay experience that iOOTP 2012 does.

iOOTP 2012 at the iTunes App Store


click for full review (posted 10-9-2012)

RATING: 4.00 (of 5)
SYNOPSIS: Net Results Soccer is a fast-moving fullplay soccer sim with individual cards that casual fans will especially enjoy. It gives you the full game experience including all the stats you’ll want, but it won’t give you the chance to prove that you’re the next Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola.

Net Results Soccer at Delphi Forums


click for full review (posted 4-19-2012)

RATING: 4.25 (of 5)
SYNOPSIS: Out of the Park 13 (OOTP13) is a computer baseball game that simulates the General Manager experience better than any other game in its class. It offers greater value than any other game, too, in that every Major League season from 1871 to the present is available to play and is included in the price of the game. The replay possibilities are literally endless.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a computer baseball simulator, you should enjoy OOTP13. It might not be for you if you are more interested in the mechanics of any single batter/pitcher matchup, but for the full experience of running a team this game can’t be beat.

The User Interface makes gameplay simple, even for beginners. The online community is helpful and offers many great mods available for download, as well as online leagues in which one may participate.

Out of the Park 13 official website

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