I am not a great writer. This is not an attempt to illicit compliments from those who love me. This is not an attempt at false humility. This is the truth.

I realized at a very young age that I enjoyed writing. Not long after that I realized that I was pretty good at it. My ego made the jump to “if I’m pretty good at it now, when I’m older I’ll be great.”

I’m older now, but I am not great.

Competent? I think so. Decent at what I do? Hopefully. Excellent? Great? No, certainly not.

There are excellent writers working today, delivering passionate prose daily, and for free. There are Great-with-a-capital-Gee writers working today, whose paragraphs pulsate with life and humanity.

Even when at my best, I am not near their level. And so I aspire to maintain competency, to find relevance, and to flash excellence when I can. Replacement Level blogging, if you will.

In contrast, in my 1953 Dodgers Strat-o-Matic replay, greatness abounds. Through 89 games, the Dodgers have a 68-21 record, good for a .764 winning percentage. If they keep it up over the course of the season, they’ll win 118 games in a 154 game schedule.

Here are the team’s primary stats through 89 games:

click to see statistics at full size:

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