Happy Strat-o-Matic Pre-Order Day!

It’s kind of like Pitchers & Catchers, but for Strat-nerds (like me!).

I’m looking forward to the new upgrades in Strat-o-Matic Baseball 2012 (also known as v.17).  I’m also looking forward to the new e-delivery of the product.  I have purchased one season roster via e-delivery, and it was a smooth and easy transaction.  I hope the unlocking of these pre-order codes goes just as well when they’re all opened up on February 13.

PS:  That shirt is butt-ugly, isn’t it?

Have fun, Strat-Fans!



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  1. I should have read Strat’s full announcement about new features in 2012 before I wrote this post.

    Here is a thread about it: http://www.stratfanforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89559

    Included in 2012 is the ability to add your own ballpark images – which is the greatest innovation to the game in years, I think. Can’t wait to get this new version now! Thank you for listening to your customers wishes, Strat!

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