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Back In The Game – Need Help

Hi All,

I’m desperately looking for the following 9 Additional Player cards from the 1980 season:

      • J. R. Richard – Astros
      • Del Unser – Phillies
      • Kevin Saucier – Phillies
      • Nino Espinosa – Phillies
      • John Vuckovich – Phillies
      • John Fulgham – Cardinals
      • Jose Cardenal – Royals
      • Pedro Guerrero – Dodgers
      • Oscar Gamble – Yankees

I’ve tried eBay, moonlightgraham, and other Strat message boards to no avail. Condition is not a concern – I don’t even need the actual cards if someone is willing to share a scan with me – I just wanna roll the dice and get on with my 1980 season replay.

1980 Additional Players quoteMy story (not unlike many of yours, I’m sure)…

I began playing Strat with my best friend when I was 13. We were big Phillies fans so we decided we’d replay the entire 1980 season to see if they would win it all like they had just done in real life. Well, after a few years, our real lives took over (girlfriends, college, careers, etc.) and we only got through about 500 games – which took us to around May 25 in the 1980 season (stupid Pirates amassed a 6 1/2 game lead over the Phils and showed no signs of collapse).

Flash forward 30 or so years, I found a box in my attic with my old 1980 strat-o-matic game along with the not-bad-for-a-13-year-old stat sheets I created on my mom’s old Royal typewriter. I got the itch again. Now with 21st century (at least late 20th) technology at my disposal, I spent the past four months tediously going through the scorecards from those 500+ games we played and entering the data into some fancy (for me) spreadsheets I created in Excel.

Two weeks ago, I finished catching up with the data entry and began playing actual games again. It was just as exciting as when I was 13. I even put on the classic rock station to set the same atmosphere as when we’d stay up all night playing strat back in the 80s. I am such a dork.

Anyway, I’m hooked again. I hope to be able to finish this 1980 season replay before I die!

Help me Strat-o-Matic Community, you’re my only hope!

– Eric Johnson

Leave a comment below or email me at: paul@oneforfive.com if you have any tips for Eric. Thanks!

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