How Cards Bring Players to Life

There is something about baseball cards, isn’t there? 

They can bring a whole life and personality to what otherwise would just be a name in a box score.  I’ve fallen in love with players over their Strat-o-Matic cards before.  Kenny Williams is one that immediately comes to mind.  I’d never heard of him before Strat.  Once his 1922 St Louis Browns card had a few clutch hits for me in my league, I went on to research his life and career and now he has become one of my favorites of that era.

Along those same lines, inspired first by a 1933 Goudey Gum baseball card, Jared Thatcher at Full Spectrum Baseball has become a fan of Sam West’s, and this morning he posted an appreciation of West’s life and career.

Q:  Has a replay or a baseball card ever turned you into a fan of a ballplayer you’d never known or appreciated before?

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  1. Love your website. Thanks for reading my article and I am very glad to meet someone else who shares my feelings on baseball cards. Keep collecting and writing and tweet me when your new articles go up. Thanks!

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