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I took a chance on an ebay buy last week, when I purchased a lot that had the following description:

APBA Baseball Game Card 2000 Card Lot Pre 1992

APBA Baseball Game Card 2000 Card Lot Pre 1992–Some of these cards are Mint some are USED. I dont know what years these are I havn’t played the game in 20 years. There old reprint years and regulaqr season. I have a few checkist in there but couldn’t say that these are the cards from those years.. I will try to answer any questions . We will ship this Priiority Mail with Confirmation! No international Shipping– Paypal Only– Thank You!!!!

Here is the only picture that was posted of the lot of cards:

I first noticed the lot when it was listed with a Buy it Now price of $250. Then it was $150. Then it was $100. When it dropped to $80 my interest was piqued. At $65, I couldn’t say no.

The box was shipped within a day and arrived (it went from Florida to the Pacific Northwest) within 5 days. I opened it about an hour ago.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Holy Dick Seitz, Batman. The description wasn’t kidding, there are easily 2000 cards in this box, probably a lot more.

Thanks to this handy guide, I’ve identified the APBA “12” result on numbers: 43 (1952R), 53 (1975), 56 (1976), 52 (1977), 32 (1982), 43 (1983), 42 (1985), 54 (1989), 56 (1941), 24 (1992), 46 (1993), 36 (1994).

I think the 1941, 1952, 1992 and 1993 sets must be pretty much complete, if not 100%. This is just my initial impression, as I haven’t even opened every one of the envelopes yet.

Additionally, there is a 1952 Detroit Lions APBA football team set, and about 45 or so other loose football cards.

I’ve only owned the APBA baseball game a couple of months, only played a handful of games with the two teams that came with the set (and with the downloadable 1933 All Star Cards). Suddenly, however, for just $65 I now have a respectable collection of cards.

Much thanks to the seller of this lot, who shipped promptly, packaged the cards well and provided exactly what was described in the auction.

I also recently pre-ordered the reissued Negro Leagues set from APBA Games, who announced at the APBA Convention and in the weekly newsletter today that the set is now shipping.

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  1. Wow, great deal! Have fun!

    By the way, here is the updated version of the APBA Baseball Card 12 List (as of 2011).

    Doug Burg gets all the credit for putting it together. And yes, it is very handy.


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