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Posted by Paul on July 20, 2012 | Short Link

I took a chance on an ebay buy last week, when I purchased a lot that had the following description:

APBA Baseball Game Card 2000 Card Lot Pre 1992

APBA Baseball Game Card 2000 Card Lot Pre 1992–Some of these cards are Mint some are USED. I dont know what years these are I havn’t played the game in 20 years. There old reprint years and regulaqr season. I have a few checkist in there but couldn’t say that these are the cards from those years.. I will try to answer any questions . We will ship this Priiority Mail with Confirmation! No international Shipping– Paypal Only– Thank You!!!!

Here is the only picture that was posted of the lot of cards:

I first noticed the lot when it was listed with a Buy it Now price of $250. Then it was $150. Then it was $100. When it dropped to $80 my interest was piqued. At $65, I couldn’t say no.

The box was shipped within a day and arrived (it went from Florida to the Pacific Northwest) within 5 days. I opened it about an hour ago.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Holy Dick Seitz, Batman. The description wasn’t kidding, there are easily 2000 cards in this box, probably a lot more.

Thanks to this handy guide, I’ve identified the APBA “12″ result on numbers: 43 (1952R), 53 (1975), 56 (1976), 52 (1977), 32 (1982), 43 (1983), 42 (1985), 54 (1989), 56 (1941), 24 (1992), 46 (1993), 36 (1994).

I think the 1941, 1952, 1992 and 1993 sets must be pretty much complete, if not 100%. This is just my initial impression, as I haven’t even opened every one of the envelopes yet.

Additionally, there is a 1952 Detroit Lions APBA football team set, and about 45 or so other loose football cards.

I’ve only owned the APBA baseball game a couple of months, only played a handful of games with the two teams that came with the set (and with the downloadable 1933 All Star Cards). Suddenly, however, for just $65 I now have a respectable collection of cards.

Much thanks to the seller of this lot, who shipped promptly, packaged the cards well and provided exactly what was described in the auction.

I also recently pre-ordered the reissued Negro Leagues set from APBA Games, who announced at the APBA Convention and in the weekly newsletter today that the set is now shipping.

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