Is It Time for Casinos to Welcome Tabletop Sports?

Posted by Paul Dylan on June 29, 2014 | Short Link

Expanding audiences mean more opportunities for this underrated genre

Even as tabletop sports games have become quite popular after their feature in the Guardian a few years back, many are still unaware of the joys of these great sports simulation games. Tabletop sports games are often left to be played in small specialty hobby stores, away from the view of the general public. 6 points CFB

But could tabletop sports games soon find themselves in the public’s eye because of casinos? Casinos have recently begun to show an interest in appealing to younger audiences. Not only have casino operators begun offering the hottest EDM parties to their patrons, but they’ve also started featuring themes that appeal to younger generations. Online casino operator InterCasino, known as the oldest gambling website in the world, has even teamed up with Paramount Pictures and DC Comics to bring DC Comic slots featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman to its users.
More importantly, however, New Jersey casinos have also begun offering fantasy sports booking services to their patrons. While most casinos had once been confined to offering booking services for real life sporting events, this no longer holds true as casinos have begun noting the wildly expanding market of fantasy sports simulation events.

“This presents a great opportunity for both casinos and companies currently providing fantasy sports tournaments to create a mutually beneficial relationship where the fantasy providers can expand their business and the casinos can have another attractive amenity to bring visitors to Atlantic City,” says Lisa Spangler of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Not only that, but tabletop games themselves are also quickly becoming more popular, with many sports bookers even offering services for tabletop games like Magic: the Gathering tournaments. Pinnacle Sports has even recently teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to bring betting to official Magic: the Gathering Pro Tours. Pinnacle Sports has found a way to allow players to have the most versatile betting options, allowing them to bet on either players or the cards that win the tournaments.

This innovative way of looking at sports bookings has opened the doors for less contemporary hobbies and industries to start being featured by bookers as well, and it seems that tabletop sports games may soon find themselves the focus of sports bookers as well. Is there anything you’d like to see in future tabletop sports booking services? What games do you think these bookers will be focusing on?

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  • David Troppens says:

    It’s funny how some of your subjects kind of hit some experiences I’ve had in recent times. This isn’t entirely related to your blog, but it’s similar enough. I recently had some friends of mine asking how “that soccer game I used to make was doing.” They asked me how it’s played and I gave it the quick run of about three sentences, figuring they really didn’t want to know. Then one of them asked, “So you’d do this for betting purposes?” They thought people would buy the game, replay games so they could bet. I thought it was a strange concept. But after reading your blog, maybe it wasn’t a far-fetched idea. By the way, that two-minute conversation was probably the longest one I’ve ever had about any sports board gaming with anyone from my volleyball gang.

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