John Herson On the Record RE: APBA Soccer

In response to last night’s post here on OneForFive, this morning I received the following email from John Herson, President and CEO of APBA Games:


We are going to release the most recent season sets for those leagues and others. The new sets will be cards not sheets. The EPL card ratings are done. Once the 2012 baseball card rush is over. We will start to offer soccer sets. APBA is committed to the soccer game. Now that APBA has completed the baseball reprint project, we can focus on other sports. Our 2013 production plan is the 2012-13 season cards will be prepared and offered in July after the conclusion of the European league seasons. There will be a second release of seasons at the conclusion of the MLS season in November 2013.



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  1. always cool to see in writing that APBA is commited to the soccer game. It is time that their words become actions. I want to see new card sets at least by the time the following season starts. I want the rules cleaned up. I want to be kept up to date better than in the past. I do not expect the same treatment as baseball and football for now. I believe one day this will need to change but for now fully understand. I don\’t understand why we have to ask to get info on the soccer game. It should be in every newslettler. Most of all, get the cards right……there are so many issues with the 2011 MLS set (SOG ratings are inconsistant and need adjustment for players with no goals scored in real life, assist ratings are wrong and positions are incorrect based on MLS site) that I am very close to forcing the APBA game to walk the attic stairs. A sad fate for what could be a good game……

    Hope all is well with you and that there is light to see your way. Keep posting as best as you can, look forward to reading about games, life, the universe and everything.

  2. FYI, we’re scheduled to feature some soccer demo and discussion with a very special guest at our Aug. 24-25 football/futbol event in Canton.


  3. Am I reading this correctly that the intention is to skip over the 2011-2012 EPL and UEFA sets as well as the 2012 MLS set and go directly to the 2012-2013 EPL and Euro sets and the 2013 MLS set? Or does “2013 production plan” mean “plan for 2013, after filling in the backlog”?

    I’ll just echo what others have said: I’ve loved APBA since the late ’70s; I really *want* to love APBA Soccer. The newsletters are a huge step forward, but I really wish the company would look at what some relatively small companies do in keeping the customers in the loop. The wargame publisher GMT Games (for example) is a model in this regard, both at Boardgamegeek and at its Facebook page.

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