Mea Copa – 1986 World Cup

Group Standings after every country has played 1 match


After hearing nothing but good things about Mea Copa – a quick play soccer World Cup game designed by Hall-of-Fame-worthy game designer Anthony Apostolico from Time Travel Games – I reached out to Anthony about a month ago and purchased this game.

I haven’t had as much time to play Mea Copa as I would’ve liked, due to being so involved in other replays, but I’ve finally had some time these last few days to get into the game a little bit, and I’ve enjoyed it.

I’ll be able to offer a full review when I finish this replay, but in the meantime here are my first impressions:

  • Generally, I’m not a fan of the Quick Play format.  I like a lot of stats and to see the whole arc of a game play out before me.  Mea Copa does a good job of letting you feel like you’re actually playing a game instead of just giving you a result.  If any game can change my mind about Quick Play games in general, this one might do it.
  • The results have been eerily accurate so far.  My best example of this is in the Soviet Union versus Hungary game.  In my replay, USSR won the game 5-0 after starting out with a 2nd minute goal.  In real life, the final score in this game was 6-0 after the USSR started out with a 2nd minute goal.  Can’t really beat that for accuracy.
  • I know it’s a quick play game, but it really does play quickly and has minimal setup.  I’ve played it the last couple of nights because I’ve been too tired to setup and play a whole game with one of my other replays.  I just pull this game out and I can play 3 games in 20 minutes or so.  And, it’s still fun.

Here is the fixture chart and results for the first 12 games of Group Stage play.  I’ll be posting updates to this replay as I get through each stage.

1986 World Cup replay using Mea Copa from Time Travel Games

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